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dispositional achievement motivation and various moral constructs. Next, we review the literature that focuses on the motivational climate. Finally, we turn to investigations that combine both dispositional goal orientations and motivational climate. Achievement Goals and Moral Constructs This line of research began when Duda, Olson, and Templin (1991) administered a measure of dispositional motivational orientation and a pencil-and-paper version of Bredemeier s (1985) Continuum of Injurious Acts, along with a sportspersonship inventory. Results indicated that a low task orientation and high ego orientation corresponded to an endorsement of unsportspersonlike play, and that ego orientation positively related to the rating of aggressive acts as more legitimate. A number of studies by various researchers followed. For example, a study by Kavussanu and Roberts (2001) found that for females, but not males, there was a significant but weak relationship between higher ego orientation and greater acceptance of aggression and poorer moral functioning. Table 30.1 summarizes the major findings of studies that investigated dispositional goal orientations and a range of moral variables.
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Liu and Khatibzadeh [41] noted that this equation is to address the onset of emitter collapse, hence the domain boundary between stability and instability. Letting the case where the rst and second emitter currents are equal will be a location of stability. Hence, de ning the variable, w IC1 w IC2 & !' & !' nkTA IC 1 IC 1 nkTA ln ln q IC 2 IC 2 q   lim  lim  w!1 IC1 IC1 RE fRth VCE w!1 RE fRth VCE 1 1 IC2 IC2 & !' nkTA IC 1 nkTA ln ln w q IC 2 q  lim lim  w!1 IC1 RE fRth VCE w!1 1 w 1 RE fRth VCE IC2
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When you create a complex movie, it s often hard to remember exactly which items you created for the production. You can view a list of movie objects in the Output window shown in Figure 14-4 by choosing Debug List Objects.
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sudo mv ~/Documents/ /System/Library/CoreServices/
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Usually the value of p is small enough to validate the approximation made in equation (1). On the other hand and for the same reason, it will be also true that if p 1, then the probability of having i errors is higher than that of having i + 1 errors; that is, P(i + 1, n) P(i, n). For the particular case of a repetition code with n = 3 for instance, the codewords are (111) and (000). Usually, the former represents the bit 1 and the latter represents the bit 0 . An error-detection rule will be that the reception of any of the possible three-bit words different from the codewords (six in total) will be considered as an error event. Thus, error detection is possible, and for instance the reception of the word (110) can be considered as an error event. Since codewords and, in general, binary words can be represented as vectors in a vector space, coding can be understood as a procedure in which the messages are represented by codewords selected from an expanded vector space. Thus, coding basically means an expansion of the dimension of the message vector space from which some vectors are selected as codewords, while other vector are not. In this example there are eight vectors in the expanded vector space, from which only two are selected as codewords. The remaining six possible received patterns are considered error patterns. It can be said that this code can detect error patterns of one or two errors. By considering that the probability of having one error is higher than that of having two errors, the patterns (110), (101) and (011)
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Some controls, such as a TextBox, don t have an Accelerator property because they don t display a Caption. You still can allow direct keyboard access to these controls using a Label control. Assign an accelerator key to the Label, and put it ahead of the TextBox in the tab order.
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psychologists. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 29, 223 229. Kobasa, S. C. (1982). The hardy personality: Toward a social psychology of stress and health. In G. S. Sanders & J. Suls (Eds.), Social psychology of health and illness (pp. 3 32). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Kohout, J. L., Wicherski, M. M., Popanz, T. J., & Pion, G. M. (1990). 1989 salaries in psychology: Report of the 1989 APA Salary Survey. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Kohut, H. (1971). The analysis of the self. New York: International Universities Press. Kohut, H. (1977). The restoration of the self. New York: International Universities Press. Kohut, H. (1984). How does analysis cure Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Kolko, D. J., Kazdin, A. E., & Meyer, E. C. (1985). Aggression and psychopathology in childhood firesetters: Parent and child report. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 53, 377 385. Koocher, G. P. (1994). The commerce of professional psychology and the new ethics code. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 25, 355 361. Koocher, G. P., & Keith-Spiegal, P. (1998). Ethics in psychology. New York: Oxford University Press. Kopelman, P. G. (2000, April 6). Obesity as a medical problem. Nature, 404, 635 643. Koran, L. M., Thienemann, M. L., & Davenport, R. (1996). Quality of life for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. American Journal of Psychiatry, 153, 783 788. Korczyn, A. D., Kahana, E., & Galper, Y. (1991). Epidemiology of dementia in Ashkelon, Israel. Neuroepidemiology, 10, 100. Koretz, G. (2001, January 15). Extra pounds, slimmer wages. Business Week, p. 28. Korman, M. (Ed.). (1976). Levels and patterns of professional training in psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Koss, M. P. (1993). Rape: Scope, impact, interventions, and public policy responses. American Psychologist, 48, 1062 1069. Koss, M. P. (2000). Blame, shame, and community: Justice responses to violence against women. American Psychologist, 55, 1332 1343. Kovacs, A. (1996, March/April). Advice to the new professional. National Psychologist, 5, 14.
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