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Even better, the script then has to go use the data in the subs list, which is placed inside an array. In the getsub function (note the singular, and lack of underscore), the script retrieves the XML of the feed. Once you have that, use the functions displaysubhtml and inithtml to convert the XML of the feed into HTML and display it on the page. From 4, even if you know no JavaScript, you should be able decipher the meaning of lines such as this:
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Figure 5-8 shows what it looks like after a few seconds of use.
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where Ai, j,l is the number of paths of weight i, of length j, and generated by an input of weight l. This expression can be arranged to adopt the form T (X, Z ) =
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using barcode integrated for microsoft word control to generate, create qr image in microsoft word applications. call The Unbalanced Index Tree Technique To achieve better performance with skewed queries, the unbalanced index tree technique was investigated [9, 31]. Unbalanced indexing minimizes the average index search cost by reducing the number of index searches for hot data at the expense of spending more on cold data. For fixed index fan-outs, a Huffman-based algorithm can be used to construct an optimal unbalanced index tree. Let N be the number of total data items and d the fan-out of the index tree. The Huffman-based algorithm first creates a forest of N subtrees, each of which is a single node labeled with the corresponding access frequency. Then, the d subtrees with the smallest labels are attached to a new node, and the resulting subtree is labeled with the sum of all the labels from its d child subtrees. This procedure is repeated until there is only one subtree. Figure 11.6 demonstrates an index tree with a fixed fan-out of three. In the figure, each data item i is given in the form of (i, qi), where qi is the access probability for item i. Given the data access patterns, an optimal unbalanced index tree with a fixed fan-out is easy to construct. However, its performance may not be optimal. Thus, Chen et al. [9] discussed a more sophisticated case for variable fan-outs. In this case, the problem of optimally constructing an index tree is NP-hard [9]. In [9], a greedy algorithm called variant fanout (VF) was proposed. Basically, the VF scheme builds the index tree in a top-down manner. VF starts by attaching all data items to the root node. Then, after some evaluation, VF it groups the nodes with small access probabilities and moves them to one level lower so as to minimize the average index search cost. Figure 11.7 shows an index tree built using the
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Coping strategies
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Started 03/09/00 9:27:43 PM data matrix generator
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Temperature 51 60 61 70 71 80 81 90 91 100 101 110 111 115 116 120 121 125 126 130 131 135 136 140 141 145 146 150 0110 0111 1000 1001 1010 1011 1100 1101 1110 1111
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where ^jt denotes the standardized value of the jth input variable (feature) at the tth time z t X zjl ; j 1; n ; t 2; 3; . . . denotes the mean per input variable instant; jt 1 z t
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Finally, to give a slightly different effect (suffusive glow instead of a point light), you can stick the Arduino + prototyping shield into one of those tap lights that everyone seems to have and use its diffuser to better mix the colors, as shown in Figure 13-27. You ll have to snip out a small section of the edge of the tap light to make room for the ROI cable. Of course, the inner workings of the tap light have been removed so the tap function no longer works, but it wouldn t be hard to add back in and trigger some sort of action when the light is tapped by hooking up the original tap light switch to a digital input on the Arduino board and using digitalRead() on the input.
If your computer has Windows XP Professional Edition or Windows 2000, you can simply use its built-in encryption features. However, if your computer runs Windows 95, 98, ME, or XP Home Edition, then you need to install encryption software.
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