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Implementing the Options Window
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Authors Vealey, 2005
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use Utils; $gmail = login(); @labels = $gmail->get_labels(); $id = 1; foreach (@labels) { print $id . . $_ . \n ; $id++; # simply get all labels # and iterate through them
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Building LAME (libmp3lame)
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CCIR developed a ve-point scale for picture quality versus impairment. This scale is shown in the table below: CCIR FIVE GRADE SCALE Quality
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covered by its marked neighbors, u and w, neither of u, v, or w has the smallest EL. Only when it satisfies Rule 2b can node v be removed from G . The condition N(v) N(u) N(w) in Rule 2b implies that u and w are connected. Again, it is easy to prove that G {v} is still a connected dominating set. Both u and w are marked, because the facts that v is marked and N(v) N(u) N(w) in G do not imply that u and w are marked. Therefore, if either u or w is not marked, v cannot be unmarked (change the marker to F). In [35], another version of Rules 1 and 2 is proposed. Unlike Rules 1b and 2b, in which ID is used when there is a tie in EL, the version in [35] uses ND (node degree) when there is a tie in EL. ID is used only when there is a tie in ND. 20.4.4 Multicasting and Broadcasting Various multicast schemes have been proposed for ad hoc wireless networks. Basically, two schemes exist in proactive approaches: shortest path multicast tree [10] and core tree [1]. The shortest path multicast tree approach is based on maintaining one multicast tree for each source. The core tree approach uses a shared tree (also called core tree) spanning the members in the multicast group. Packets sent to the shared tree are forwarded to all receiver members. Here we take a look at another multicast approach based on dominating set; it is a hybrid of flooding and shortest tree multicast. This approach is similar to forwarding group multicast protocol (FGMP) [5]. A multicast group (MG) consists of senders and receivers (a sender can also be a receiver). A multicast initiated from a particular source has a forward group (FG). Any node in the FG is in charge of forwarding (through broadcasting, since the wireless medium is broadcast by nature) multicast packets to the MG, as in flooding. The difference is that although all neighbors can hear it, only neighbors that are in the FG will respond. In implementation, a forwarding table (FT) is a subset of the routing table consisting of destinations within the MG only. After the FT is broadcast by the sender, only neighbors listed in the next-hop list (next-hop neighbors) accept it. Each neighbor in the next hop list creates its FT by extracting the entries in which it is the nexthop neighbor, and so on through the routing table to find the next table. Note that the FTs are not stored like routing tables. They are created and broadcast to neighbors only when new FTs arrive. Only gateway nodes are eligible to be forward nodes in the FG. If all receiver members of a forward node are itself and/or immediate nongateway neighbors, the node is a leave and it stops generating the FT. Depending on whether its member list is in the multicast group or not, the leave node may need to send multicast packets one more time. To form an FT at the source gateway, an entry is extracted from the associated routing table if its destination, one member of its member list, or both is in the multicast group. To distinguish these three cases, two bits are introduced that are associated with each entry of the FT: m1 (for destination) and m2 (for member list). m1 = 1 (m2 = 1) represents the fact that the destination (at least one member) is a receiver. In dominating-set-based multicast, each gateway node keeps the gateway domain member list and gateway routing table. Two fields, m1 and m2, are added to each entry. In addition, nongateway nodes that are not in the multicast group are masked. (In this case, the m2
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Different screen reader applications use different methods for translating information into speech, so you can t know exactly how your movie will be presented to each user. For the simple Flash movie below, the accompanying text is one possible audio version of the movie that a screen reader might present:
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Controlling prey capture
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Average room rate: room revenue divided by number of rooms used during a certain period of time. Average spending: see Average checks. Bad debt: an account receivable considered or known to be uncollectible. Bad debts allowance: see Allowance for uncollectible accounts. Balance: the amount of an account at a point in time. Balance sheet: a statement showing that assets liabilities owners equity. A balance sheet shows the financial position of a company at a point in time. Bank float: the difference between the bank balance shown on a company s records and the actual balance of cash in the bank. Bank reconciliation: a monthly or periodic procedure to ensure that the company s bank account balance amount agrees with the bank s statement figure. Beverage cost: see Cost of sales. Bond: a form of financing by a company. A bond is a debt or long-term liability to be repaid with interest over time. Book value: initial cost of an asset or assets less related accumulated depreciation. Breakeven equation or formula: an equation useful in making business decisions concerning sales levels and fixed and variable costs. Breakeven point: the level of sales at which a company will make neither an income nor a loss. Bridge financing: see Interim financing. Budget: a business plan, usually expressed in monetary terms. See also Incremental budgeting and Zero-base budgeting. Budget cycle: the sequence of events covered by a budget period from initial budget preparation through comparison of actual results with budgeted estimates. Business entity: the concept that a business, and business transactions, should be kept separate from personal transactions of the business s owners. Capital asset: see Fixed asset. Capital budget: a budget concerning long-term, or fixed, assets. Capital rationing: occurs when only a limited amount of funds is available for long-term investments during a budget period, and even profitable investment proposals are deferred to future budget periods. Capital stock: the amount of money raised by a company from issuing shares.
Key Water table Unsaturated zone Direction of groundwater flow
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