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FIGURE 9-17: The resulting artwork
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Video conferencing (conference television) systems have seen phenomenal growth since 1990. Many of the world s corporations have branches and subsidiaries that are widely dispersed. Rather than pay travel expenses to send executives to periodic meetings at one central location, video conferencing is used, saving money on the travel budget. The video and telecommunications technology has matured in the intervening period to make video conferencing cost effective. Among these developments we include:
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In this chapter, I sketched the evolution of spreadsheets. I provided an overview of the various versions of the major spreadsheet product lines, and I explained why Excel is so successful and is an excellent choice for application development. I hope that you gained a new appreciation of Excel while preparing for your next spreadsheet trivia contest. In the next chapter, I provide a quick-and-dirty overview of Excel for newcomers.
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243 DNS Interaction for Mail
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PREVENTIVE INTERVENTIONS Paralleling the development of frameworks and methods that represent an ecological orientation, efforts toward translating community research into action have been an integral part of the eld s history through the design and implementation of preventive interventions. The history of prevention research in the United States is a history of cultural changes, such as the emergence of public health as an approach to disease prevention and health promotion in the 1920s (Rosen, 1993). The role of citizen advocates for prevention research also has been critical in de ning the practice of prevention (B. B. Long, 1989). In addition, private foundations and the founding of the NIMH gave prevention prominent attention (Levine, 1981). The creation of the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health to review the nation s mental health contributed to the gradual emergence of prevention as a national priority in the 1960s (Goldston, 1995). Brief comments will be made about each of these factors and events prior to the Swampscott Conference, after which, the concept of prevention will be reviewed as a de ning focus for community psychology. For further discussions of the history of prevention, the reader is referred to sources such as Caplan (1969), Levine (1981), Levine and Perkins (1997), and Spaulding and Balch (1983). The emergence of prevention in the United States has bene ted from a long history of the social consciousness of citizens and citizen groups. Notable preventionists include Dorothea Dix, Clifford Beers, Jane Addams, the General Federation of Women s Clubs, the National Association of Colored Women, and, more recently, Beverly Long, among others (Beers, 1908; Brinkley, 1993; Dain, 1980; B. B. Long, 1989; Ridenour, 1961). These citizens, most often women, campaigned to improve the quality of community-based services by shifting the aim to prevention programming for the poor and less formally educated. In 1909, the founding of the National Mental Health Association meant that, at both national and local levels, advocates for prevention could draw on voluntary organizations to create forums and make it easier for citizens to lobby legislatures for improved communitybased prevention services (Ridenour, 1961). National policy began to emphasize prevention of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and mental illness just before World War II (Levine, 1981). The aim of public health practice, to reduce the number of new casualties of a disease in a community, began to be applied to mental diseases at the time of the war. From this public health perspective, scientists developed the concepts of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention (Leavell & Clark, 1965). These terms referred to taking measures to reduce systemic factors to prevent a
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Properties of a Comment object
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It is available as a hosted bureau service.
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Exporting a range to HTML format
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Note: Long exposure to strong light can lead to false positive stain. Reagents and Materials Paraf n slides of specimens from Protocol 13.16 Ethanol Xylene Freshly prepared 5% silver nitrate solution in UPW 5% Hypo solution (sodium thiosulfate) in UPW Nuclear-fast Red Cytoseal 60 Oven Lamp, 60 W Aluminum foil Holder for histoslides Coverslips Protocol A. Deparaf nization and Hydration (a) Dewax slides in oven at 55 C for 30 min. (b) 2 times xylene for 5 min each. (c) 2 times 100% ethanol for 5 min each. (d) 2 times 95% ethanol for 3 min each. (e) 70% Ethanol for 3 min. (f) UPW for 1 min. (g) Proceed directly to staining. B. Staining (a) Incubate in 5% silver solution. Place in front of a 60 W lamp, place aluminum foil behind jar to re ect the light for 1 h or until calcium turns black.
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specific graduate program. Furthermore, the personal statement generally requests that applicants outline their career and educational goals and specify how the specific program can help meet these goals. The CV is an academic resume. The CV outlines the applicant s addresses and phone numbers, educational experiences (e.g., schools attended and degrees obtained), relevant work experiences, and professional presentations and publications (if any). Unlike a resume, a CV is not confined to one page. While the CV of a college student, graduate student, or working professional differs a great deal, several general principles should be followed for all CVs. Preparation of a CV should include concise and honest descriptions of relevant work, educational, and other professional experiences (e.g., volunteer positions). Headings such as Education, Honors and Awards, and Professional Activities should be used (see Table 15.2). Asking a professor, career counselor, and several friends to review the completed personal statement and CV for feedback is generally beneficial. Making a photocopy of all application materials is wise in case any application materials get lost or destroyed. Using overnight delivery services or certified mail will help ensure that the application
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