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Mythifying Home Movies and VHS Tapes
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of Professor R.L. Anderson, an early hetero-junction researcher, I had my rst exposure to hetero-junction bipolar transistors, III V devices, and cryogenics, little did I know that time that I would be the rst one working on ESD protection of Silicon Germanium and Silicon Germanium Carbon devices ten years later. At IBM, I was fortunate to have many mentors and friends from IBM Burlington Vermont, IBM East Fishkill, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM San Jose, IBM Rochester, IBM Haifa Israel, and IBM RF Boston Design Center. My early years in bipolar SRAM development was in uenced by Roy Flaker, Jack Gerbach, Russ Houghton, Jeffery Chu, Badih El-Kareh, John Aitken, Tak Ning, Denny Tang, George Sai-Halasz, Jack Y.-C. Sun, and Robert Dennard. In the RF CMOS and RF BiCMOS Silicon Germanium area, I would like to thank my peers who assisted in ESD work, invention, design kits, measurements, and technical support: Louis Lanzerotti, Robb Johnson, Peter Zampardi, Ephrem G. Gebreselasie, Amy Van Laecke, Stephen Ames, Susan E. Strang, Donald Jordan, C. Nicholas Perez, David S. Collins, Doug Hershberger, Alan Norris, Arnold Baizley, Bradley Orner, Michael Zierak, Robert Rassel, Peter B. Gray, Ben T. Voegeli, Q.Z. Liu, J.S. Rieh, John He, Jay Rascoe, Xue Feng Liu, Doug Coolbaugh, Natalie Feilchenfeld, Dawn Wang, J.S. Lee, Stephen St. Onge, Alvin Joseph, James Dunn, David Harame, Gary Patton, and Bernard Meyerson. In the ESD discipline, I would like to thank for the years of support and the opportunity to provide lectures, invited talks, and tutorials on ESD and latchup; from the SEMATECH ESD group, the Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge (EOS/ESD) Symposium, the International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), the Taiwan Electrostatic Discharge Conference (T-ESDC), the International Physical and Failure Analysis (IPFA), the International Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility (ICEMAC), the Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuit and Technology Meeting (BCTM), and the International Solid State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), as well as ESD Association Education Committee, and the ESD Association Device Testing Standards Committees. I would like to thank the ESD Association of ce for the support in the area of publications, standards developments, and conference activities, with a special thanks to Lisa Pimpinella. In the eld of ESD in RF devices, I would like to thank Prof. Elyse Rosenbaum (UIUC), Prof. Ming-Dou Ker (NCTU), Karl Heinz Bock, Eugene Worley, Corrine Richier (ST Microelectronics), Marise BaFluer (CNRS), Ann Fletcher (RF MicroDevices), Patrick Juliano (Intel), and Kathy Muhonen (RF MicroDevices), and Sami Hynoven. I would like to thank my summer students and ESD support in the RF ESD eld Patrick Juliano of UIUC, Brian Ronan of Princeton University, and Anne Watson of Penn State University for her hard work, collaboration, and participating in ESD and latchup experimentation, and discovery. A special thanks to Ephrem G. Gebreselasie for his hard work and support, in both ESD and latchup in RF CMOS and RF BiCMOS SiGe development. I would also like to thank the publisher John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and its staff in Chichester, Taiwan, Singapore, and China for taking on this rst ESD book series. And most important a special thanks to my children, Aaron Samuel Voldman and Rachel Pesha Voldman, and my wife Annie Brown Voldman. May we all ful ll what we want in our lives and walk a path of righteousness, justice, and truth. And of course, my parents, Carl and Blossom Voldman. Baruch HaShem. . . B H Dr. Steven H. Voldman IEEE Fellow
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(c) Confirm the minimum free distance of this code using the generating function approach. (d) What is the node error probability for this code on a BSC with p = 10 3
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Part VI Adding Sensory Excitement and Interactivity
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in unconnected calci ed and unorganized bone clusters [Meinel et al., 2004b]. The biodegradation of collagen type I can be adapted through cross-linkage of the molecules, thereby matching the requirements for bone implants. However, the tissue reaction to cross-linked collagen scaffolds was quite unpredictable and resulted in spontaneous calci cation, cytotoxic effects, and scar formation around the implant [van Luyn et al., 1992]. Spontaneous calci cation might in particular result in problems for the engineering of osteochondral plugs, when the formation of pure cartilaginous tissue is impaired by the uncontrolled, and not cell-mediated, mineralization. These remarkable differences in cytotoxicity were connected to residual agents as a consequence of processing and the cross-linking agents used [van Luyn et al., 1992, van Wachem et al., 2001]. Among the available natural bers, silks do have the strongest mechanical properties and even rival the best synthetic high-performance bers, such as Kevlar, in overall performance (energy absorbed to break) [Cunniff et al., 1994]. The mechanical and thermal properties of dragline silk from the spider Nephila claviceps have previously been characterized with reference to silkworm silk [Cunniff et al., 1994]. The best properties of the native bers collected and tested at quasi-static rates were 60 GPa and 2.9 GPa for initial modulus and ultimate tensile strength, respectively. Based on microscopic evaluations of knotted single bers, no evidence of kink-band failure on the compressive side of a knot curve was observed [Cunniff et al., 1994]. Synthetic high-performance bers fail by this mode even at relatively low stress levels; this is a major limitation with synthetic bers in many applications. Furthermore, silks are mechanically stable up to almost 200 C in dynamic mechanical evaluations [Cunniff et al., 1994]. In terms of material properties, silks also provide a range of mechanical features that suggest future applications in many different biomaterials needs. Table 13.1 provides some comparisons of the mechanical properties of silks (spider dragline and silkworm), collagen, cross-linked collagen scaffolds, and scaffolds prepared from a synthetic polymer, polylactic acid.
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