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Salmoni, A. W. (1989). Motor skill learning. In D. H. Holding (Ed.), Human skills (2nd ed., pp. 261 332). London: Wiley. Salmoni, A. W., Sullivan, J. J., & Starkes, J. L. (1976). The attentional demands of movement: A critique of the probe technique. Journal of Motor Behavior, 8, 161 169. Sammer, G. (1998). Heart period variability and respiratory changes associated with physical and mental load: Non-linear analysis. Ergonomics, 41, 746 755. Sawada, M., Mori, S., & Ishii, M. (2002). Effect of metaphorical verbal instruction on modeling of sequential dance skills by young children. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 95, 1097 1105. Schmidt, R. A. (1975). A schema theory of discrete motor learning. Psychological Review, 82, 225 260. Schmidt, R. A. (1982). More on motor programs. In J. A. S. Kelso ( Eds.), Human motor behavior: An introduction (pp. 219 235). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. Schmidt, R. A., & Wrisberg, C. A. (2004). Motor learning and performance (3rd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Schneider, W., Dumais, S. T., & Shiffrin, R. M. (1985). Automatic and controlled processing and attention. In R. Parasuraman & D. R. Davies (Eds.), Varieties of attention (pp. 1 27). New York: Academic Press. Schneider, W., & Shiffrin, R. M. (1977). Controlled and automated human information processing: Pt. I: Detection, search and attention. Psychological Review, 44, 627 644. Shea, C. H., & Wulf, G. (1999). Enhancing motor learning through external-focus instructions and feedback. Human Movement Science, 18, 553 571. Shea, C. H., Wulf, G., Whitacre, C. A., & Park, J. H. (2001). Surfing the implicit wave. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 54, 841 862. Sheridan, T., & Stassen, H. (1979). Definitions, models, and measures of human workload. In N. Moray (Ed.), Mental workload: Its theory and measurement (pp. 219 233). New York: Plenum Press. Shiffrin, R. M., Craig, J. C., & Cohen, E. (1973). On the degree of attention and capacity limitations in tactile processing. Perception and Psychophysics, 13, 329. Singer, R. N. (1977). To err or not to err: A question for the instruction of psychomotor skills. Review of Educational Research, 47, 479 498. Smeeton, N. J., Williams, A. M., Hodges, N. J., & Ward, P. (2005). The relative effectiveness of various instructional approaches in developing anticipation skill. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 11, 98 110. Smith, S. W. (1997). The scientist s and engineer s guide to digital processing (2nd ed.). San Diego: California Technical Publishing. Snyder, E., Hillyard, S. A., & Galambos, R. (1980). Similarities and differences in P3 waves to detected signals in three modalities. Psychophysiology, 17, 112 122.
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By its very nature of being a robot that vacuums, Roomba is a noisy beast. It has its beeper, but it can make other noises, too. If timed right, these other noises can be used as percussive accompaniment to the melodic lead of the beeper.
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Three Universal Polarities of Evolution
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