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Brinkley, A. (1993). The un nished nation. New York: Knopf. Brofenbrenner, U. (1979). The ecology of human development. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Campbell, R. M. (1998). The community response to rape: Victim s experiences with the legal, medical, and mental health systems. American Journal of Community Psychology, 26(3), 355 380. Caplan, G. (1964). Principles of preventive psychiatry. New York: Basic Books. Caplan, R. B. (1969). Psychiatry and the community in nineteenth century America. New York: Basic Books. Cauce, A. M., Coronado, N., & Watson, J. (1998). Conceptual, methodological, and statistical issues in culturally competent research. In M. Hernandez & M. Issacs (Eds.), Promoting cultural competence in children s mental health services (pp. 305 329). Baltimore: Brookes. Chamberlain, W., & Robinson, T. (1997). The GI Bill: The law that changed America (Video B 3620, 60 minutes). New York: PBS Home Video. Chavis, D. (1993). A future for community psychology practice. American Journal of Community Psychology, 21(2), 171 183. Chavis, D. M., & Wandersman, A. (1990). Sense of community in the urban environment: A catalyst for participation and community development. American Journal of Community Psychology, 18(1), 55 81. Cherniss, C. (1989). Career stability in public service professionals: A longitudinal investigation based on biographical interviews. American Journal of Community Psychology, 17(4), 399 422. Chesler, M., & Fox, R. (1966). Role-playing methods in the classroom. Chicago: Science Research Association. Chomsky, N. (Ed.). (1997). The cold war and the university. New York: New Press. Cicchetti, D., Rappaport, J., Sandler, I., & Weissberg, R. P. (Eds.). (2000). The promotion of wellness in children and adolescents. Washington, DC: CWLA Press. Cottrell, L. S. (1964). Social planning, the competent community, and mental health. In Urban America and the Planning of Mental Health Services. Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, Symposium 10, New York: Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. Cowen, E. L. (1994). The enhancement of psychological wellness: Challenges and opportunities. American Journal of Community Psychology, 22(2), 149 179. Cowen, E. L. (1997). Schools and the enhancement of children s wellness: Some opportunities and some limiting factors. In T. P. Gullotta, R. P. Weissberg, R. L. Hampton, B. A. Ryan, & G. R. Adams (Eds.), Healthy children 2010: Establishing preventive services (pp. 87 123).Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Cowen, E. L. (2000a). Now that we all know that primary prevention in mental health is great, what is it Journal of Community Psychology, 28, 5 16.
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Madry, H., Cucchiarini, M., Stein, U., Remberger, K., Menger, M.D., Kohn, D., Trippel, S.B. (2003a) Sustained transgene expression in cartilage defects in vivo after transplantation of articular chondrocytes modi ed by lipid-mediated gene transfer in a gel suspension delivery system. J. Gene Med. 5(6): 502 509. Madry, H., Cucchiarini, M., Terwilliger, E.F., Trippel, S.B. (2003b) Ef cient and persistent gene transfer into articular cartilage using recombinant adeno-associated virus vectors in vitro and in vivo. Hum. Gene Ther. 14(4): 393 402. Madry, H., Padera, B., Seidel, J., Freed, L., Langer, R., Trippel, S.B., Vunjak-Novakovic, G. (2002) Gene transfer of a human insulin-like growth factor I cDNA enhances tissue engineering of cartilage. Hum. Gene Ther. 13(13): 1621 1630. Madry, H., and Trippel, S.B. (2000) Ef cient lipid-mediated gene transfer to articular chondrocytes. Gene Ther. 7(4): 286 291. Madry, H., Zurakowski, D., Trippel, S.B. (2001) Overexpression of human insulin-like growth factor-I promotes new tissue formation in an ex vivo model of articular chondrocyte transplantation. Gene Ther. 8(19): 1443 1449. Neves, C., Escriou, V., Byk, G., Scherman, D., Wils, P. (1999) Intracellular fate and nuclear targeting of plasmid DNA. Cell Biol. Toxicol. 15(3): 193 202. Pallante, K.M., Niu, Z., Zhao, Y., Cohen, A.J., Nah, H.D., Adams, S.L. (1996) The chick alpha2(I) collagen gene contains two functional promoters, and its expression in chondrocytes is regulated at both transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. J. Biol. Chem. 271(41): 25233 25239. Ravid, K., and Freshney, R.I. (1998) DNA Transfer to Cultured Cells. Wiley-Liss, New York. Sa nya, C.R. (2001) Structures of lipid-DNA complexes: supramolecular assembly and gene delivery. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 11(4): 440 448. Sambrook, J., Fritsch, E.F., Maniatis, T. (1989) In: Maniatis, T., ed., Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual. Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. San, H., Yang, Z.Y., Pompili, V.J., Jaffe, M.L., Plautz, G.E., Xu, L., Felgner, J.H., Wheeler, C.J., Felgner, P.L., Gao, X., et al. (1993) Safety and short-term toxicity of a novel cationic lipid formulation for human gene therapy. Hum. Gene Ther. 4(6): 781 788. Seisenberger, G., Ried, M.U., Endress, T., Buning, H., Hallek, M., Brauchle, C. (2001) Realtime single-molecule imaging of the infection pathway of an adeno-associated virus. Science 294(5548): 1929 1932. Smith, P., Shuler, F.D., Georgescu, H.I., Ghivizzani, S.C., Johnstone, B., Niyibizi, C., Robbins, P.D., Evans, C.H. (2000) Genetic enhancement of matrix synthesis by articular chondrocytes. J. Rheumatol. 43(5): 1156 1164. Vunjak-Novakovic, G., Martin, I., Obradovic, B., Treppo, S., Grodzinsky, A.J., Langer, R., Freed, L.E. (1999) Bioreactor cultivation conditions modulate the composition and mechanical properties of tissue-engineered cartilage. J. Orthop. Res. 17(1): 130 138. Vunjak-Novakovic, G., Obradovic, B., Martin, I., Bursac, P.M., Langer, R., Freed, L.E. (1998) Dynamic cell seeding of polymer scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering. Biotechnol. Prog. 14(2): 193 202. Zhou, F., and Huang, L. (1994) Liposome-mediated cytoplasmic delivery of proteins: an effective means of accessing the MHC class I-restricted antigen presentation pathway. Immunomethods 4(3): 229 235. Zhou, X., and Huang, L. (1994) DNA transfection mediated by cationic liposomes containing lipopolylysine: characterization and mechanism of action. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1189: 195 203.
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In the upper-left corner, below the Related Tasks heading, click Prevent a forgotten password (see Figure 16-4).
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Unitarily equivalent matrices: The (m x 11) matrices A and Bart' unitarily f'quivaient if there exists a unitary (m x m) matrix C and a uuitary (/I x 11) matrix ~', such that A = f.!H B~ . (See also Section 9.15.) Unitarily similar matrices: The (m x In) matrices A and B are unitarily similar if a unitary (m x It!) matrix U exists such that B = U A[: H (Sf'e also Section 9.15.) Unitary matrix: An (m x m) matrix A IS unitary if AH Section 9 15 for t he properties.) A-I. (SeC'
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Diet a1 No treadmill exercise (b1) Treadmill exercise (b2) Y 11 = 7.0 S 11 = 4.0 Y 12 = 9.0 S 12 = 3.4 Y 1 = 8.0 S 1 = 3.8
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Variation in connection blocking probability with connection arrival
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Protect your add-in by locking it with a password. This prevents most users from being able to access your code. Recent versions of Excel have improved the security features, but the password still may be broken by using any of a number of utilities. Bottom line Don t think of an XLA as being a secure file.
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16: Passwords and Privacy For Windows 2000
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generate, create code39 webpart none in .net projects Code 39 DNET-SKIT Component Identi cation Table 19.1 contains a brief summary for each of the seven major subsystems de ned within the starter kit. The starter kit provides a simple implementation for each of these subsystems in the extension. However, as we discussed in the previous section, each service-provider subsystem is accessed via two interfaces, which are de ned in the framework. Table 19.1 lists the subsystem name, abstract factory interface name, abstract product interface name, and a brief description of the subsystem. Although the implementations are not intended to be complete, they do illustrate some of the common mechanisms available for con guration, deployment, and execution. We should recognize that these are merely starting points for the nal implementations. This way, on a project-by-project basis, we can chose to reuse the simple implementations for those areas that we are not focused on in the project and create our own more detailed designs and implementations for those areas that we are focused on. These example implementations also allow us to develop simple prototypes and proof-of-concept projects quickly. The subsystems in the extension provided with the starter kit provide a minimal implementation for the fundamental operations necessary in a generic DDBE architecture. In particular, they act as yet another design pattern, namely, the Template Method [Gamma95], connecting the subsystems together in a reasonable (but modi able and extensible) con guration. This is almost identical to the way the subsystems in the J2EE-SKITs work. However, here the design pattern is implemented in the extension instead of the framework. We will not repeat the discussion from 17 here, but if we consider the DNET-SKIT extension code as well as the framework code, then the points raised in Section are equally relevant here.
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Part III Understanding Visual Basic for Applications
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The Mini DIN 8-pin cable and the DB-9 cable must first be prepared. Cut the Mini DIN cable six inches from the plug, and cut the DB-9 as far from the female DB-9 end as possible. To get at the wires, strip off about two inches of the big plastic sheath from each cable and then strip off about 1/4 of the plastic insulation from all the wires inside. It usually helps to put the cables in the third-hand clamp tool before continuing. Using the soldering iron, lightly tin each wire with solder. Perform a continuity test on each wire to figure out which colored wire goes to which pin on the jack. It seems every cable has had a different color-to-pin mapping, which is why this is necessary. The DB-9 cables seem to have a more standard color scheme, but you should always test to be sure. A bit of wire a few inches long used to poke into the DB-9 socket and using a Mini DIN 8-pin socket makes it easier to check continuity. Figure 3-8 shows cables in the third-hand tool after being stripped and tinned. Notice how the Mini Din cable is only about 6 inches long and the DB-9 is about 15 feet long.
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