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If this site were now to be organized by type of information, instead of origin of information, then Figure 36-6 reflects what the site map would look like.
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income of $150,000 from other sources (food and beverage, rentals, telephone) with projected room sales of 47,680 room nights would set its room rate at $113. (operating expenses desired ROI) other income projected room nights ($4,017,236 $1,500,000) 47,680 $150,000 room rate
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Like the JMS platform, which we discussed in 15, the J2EE platform is more than merely a single software implementation: the J2EE platform consists of a speci cation and an implementation. Actually, within the J2EE platform, we could say that there are many smaller subplatforms. Each of these subplatforms is part of the J2EE platform as a whole, but they are also potentially useful outside the J2EE platform as independent platforms in their own right. This situation is analogous to the way that we can divide a system into subsystems, and then choose to consider the subsystems independently, or as pieces of the big picture. Here, the big picture speci cation is called the J2EE speci cation (J2EE-SPEC). This speci cation de nes the contract between the J2EE platform and all the software that interacts with the platform (including the subplatforms as well as all of the applications, components, and subsystems found within our environment). Similar to the situation we discussed for the JMS platform in 15, we can choose from several different alternatives that implement the J2EE-SPEC and provide us with this big picture platform. In addition to de ning the platform as a whole, the J2EE-SPEC also references other speci cations, each of which, in turn, de nes one or more of the subplatforms. These subplatform speci cations can then be implemented by choosing from the different alternatives available for each of them. After we have chosen a particular J2EE platform implementation alternative, which we will discuss in Section 16.4, we can choose to alter our platform by switching the implementation alternative for any of the subplatforms within our chosen J2EE platform implementation. In fact, the JMS platform is an example of one such subplatform. This means that we could (in theory at least) choose from any of the alternatives we discussed in Section 15.2. In practice, some alternatives work with each other better than others do. A speci c J2EE platform implementation might impose further restrictions or have additional requirements for its subplatforms that are not de ned by the speci cations.
Essential Windows CE Application Programming by Robert Burdick Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471327476 Pub Date: 03/01/99
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Low capacitance diode designs are that have a high gure of merit of ESD robustness per unit area is desirable for radio frequency (RF) applications. Circular ESD diode designs are desirable in RF applications because of the following issues [20 22]:  small physical area [23 25];  elimination of isolation and salicide issues [12];  elimination of corner effects [12];  elimination of wire distribution impact on ESD robustness (e.g., parallel and antiparallel wire distribution issues [23 25]);  current density symmetry;  integration with RF octagonal bond pad structures. Circular diodes can be placed in small physical areas under bond pads, whether square or octagonal pad structures. Additionally, the small diode structures can be placed in the center or corners of RF octagonal pads. Isolation issues and corner issues can be eliminated using circular ESD structures because of the enclosed nature of the anode or cathode structures. Figure 3.6 shows an example of an RF ESD diode structure with the p anode in the center area; this is separated by an isolation region, and an n cathode ring structure. As a result, there are no corners in the anode structure which can lead to current concentrations or three-dimensional current distribution effects. It has been shown that the corners of linear p diode structures can form ESD failure in shallow trench de ned diode structures [3,4]; this was evident from optical microscope image, atomic force microscope images, and emission microscope (EMMI) tool emissions. Three-dimensional electro-thermal simulation also indicated this as a region of peak temperature during ESD HBM stress [7]. Hence circular diodes have the advantage of avoidance of these geometrical issues. In linear diode structures, metal distribution can play a role in the nonuniform current distribution; nonuniform current distribution impacts the ESD FOM of the ratio of the ESD robustness to capacitance load. Additionally, due to the
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