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receiver might rightfully claim that a packet is not successfully received, a sender might mistakenly treat this claim as cheating or a noncooperative behavior that induces punishment, resulting in unfair penalty. Thus, the uncertainty in cheating detection also impairs a game-theoretic approach relying on penalty-induced incentive. 3.4.3 Multiqueue-Based Fair Relaying
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$192,500 270,500 $463,000 ( 30 ,000) $433,000
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You can specify cell spacing within a table. The property is called cell spacing (cell spacing as an attribute of the TABLE element). Cell spacing is the space between the border on the inside of one cell and the border on the inside of the next cell or the outside border of the table. When you define borders, borders are actually around each cell, and a separate border is around the entire table. If the borders are thin and there is no cell spacing, it will look like it is one line that surrounds the cells and attaches to the border around the table. The more cell spacing you define, the clearer it will be that these are separate lines.
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Situational Factors
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1. For studio-to-transmitter link, connecting a TV studio to its broadcast transmitter; and 2. To extend CATV systems to increase local programming content.
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