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Conclusion RSVP is one area addressing QoS issues that are driving forces for future networking requirements: Web-based everything wave of the future Real-time video apps and protocol availability Integration of voice and data capabilities, availability of multimedia technology, multicast networks all only increases the demand for QoS features Specifications such as RSVP will only aid in bridging the gap between Layer 2 and Layer 3 QoS capabilities. View www.isi.edu/rsvp.
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with X1 {0, 1}, X2 {1, 2, 3}, and Y = X1 X2 . 15.24 Distributed data compression. Let Z1 , Z2 , Z3 be independent Bernoulli(p). Find the Slepian Wolf rate region for the description of (X1 , X2 , X3 ), where X1 = Z 1 X2 = Z 1 + Z 2 X3 = Z 1 + Z 2 + Z 3 .
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Samples of fat were analyzed for androstenone and skatole and fat samples, then grouped according to levels of androstenone and skatole. In terms of androstenone, there were low, medium, and high levels, with concentrations of androstenone of <0.5 g g 1, 0.5 to 0.99 g g 1, and 0.99 g g 1 respectively. For skatole, the de nitions of low and medium were <0.8 g g 1 and 0.08 g g 1. Assessors rated samples on a ve-point scale where 1 was minimum and 5 was maximum for each sensory attribute of boar odor and boar avor. Samples were compared across six combinations of androstenone and skatole, using the convention of LL (i.e., low androstenone and low skatole), LM, ML, MM, HL, and HM. The analysis showed that cooked pork boar odor and avor increased signi cantly in LM and MM groups when compared to control castrate samples, while in the dry cured ham only HM samples were differentiated from the control group. A further analysis compared cooked pork loin and dry-cured ham from entires and castrates, and as expected, boar odor and avor was lower in castrates and higher in entires in cooked pork. In the equivalent dry-cured ham samples, boar odor was higher in entires than in castrates. However, generally low ratings were given for boar avor. Dry-cured ham from castrated pigs had improved aroma and taste. It was concluded that in cooked pork loin, boar taint was much more intense than in dry-cured ham from the same pigs. Therefore, the process of curing (which in this case used a curing solution of 98% sodium chloride plus 2% potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate in equal proportions, and then dry salting with coarse sea salt) demonstrated the changes in meat sensory characteristics that occurred during processing. Earlier reference was made to the work of Nute (1987) in producing a sensory map of ham products. A similar approach has been adopted by Garc a-Gonz lez et al. (2008) when assessing dry-cured ham, where the emphasis is on the relationship between vola-
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For cheap and easy sound solutions, electronics manufacturer Chaintech provides fair quality sound at an affordable price with its AV-710 series PCI sound card. The AV-710 delivers 24bit audio resolution with sampling rates up to 192 KHz and can output in digital optical (via SPDIF or tos-link). The Chaintech USA daughter site is located at http://chaintechusa.com/. Middle and high-fidelity audio solutions are provided by a relatively new line of PCI-based audio equipment by Creative Labs called Xi-Fi that targets the professional recorder and extreme gamer demographics.
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