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may be related to the quality of life and as a guide for future investigations, as illustrated in a recent study by Lane and colleagues (2005). Possible Need for Exercise Enjoyment Including the enjoyment factor in the taxonomy encourages exercise specialists to consider individual differences and preferences when designing a specific exercise program that is conducive to enhancing quality of life. Activities that are enjoyable seem to be conducive to exercise participation (Dishman et al., 2005) and may serve to increase exercise adherence as the individual returns to the activity for another enjoyable session and to have time for oneself in a hectic day (Kimiecik, 2002). Enjoyable physical activity also seems more likely to be associated with desirable changes in mood than are activities that are not (Motl et al., 2000). Miller and colleagues (2005) recently tested the inf luence of exercise enjoyment on the relationship between exercise and mood alteration; they concluded that college students enjoyment of a particular exercise mode mediated mood change. In further support of the importance of exercise enjoyment, Lane and colleagues (2005) concluded that if enjoyment can be operationalized as preference for a particular exercise modality, their experimental results were supportive of enjoyment facilitating the mood-enhancing benefits of exercise. Preferred mode and training parameters (i.e., intensity, duration, and frequency) are related to quality of life and also may be related to enjoyment of physical activity, as illustrated by the bidirectional arrows in Figure 27.3. Mode Type of Physical Activity Some types of physical activity may be more likely than others to be associated with quality of life for most participants. Although there are a multitude of factors that distinguish among exercise modes, the basic mode guidelines in the taxonomy are the four primary characteristics in Figure 27.3. The characteristics are presented here as a working model to clarify select exercise mode and practice training considerations that may be related to mood alteration. Abdominal, Rhythmical Breathing This exercise mode guideline is a common component of many stress management techniques. Abdominal, rhythmical breathing occurs automatically and regularly when participating in aerobic activities such as swimming and jogging, both of which are associated with mood alteration (e.g., Berger & Motl, 2000; Berger & Owen, 1988; Netz & Lidor, 2003; Rocheleau et al., 2004). Abdominal, rhythmi-
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You should be familiar with themed or skinnable interfaces by now this is a facet of nearly all popular modern technology from cell phones and handheld devices to the software applications that make them work. Your personal MythTV theme reflects your personality and completely influences the look and feel of your frontend client. Not only does MythTV offer theme options, but so too does the on-screen display (OSD). Visit the following URL for more details: www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Themes. Qt Style The Qt style settings appear here and later again in Qt Settings. This dialog repeats information about properties that appear later in this chapter (and likewise, in the interface). Because these values have a far-reaching effect (read: global) you should take great care with how you set them; otherwise, your frontend client may become unusable. Font Size This sets global font sizes for display through the MythTV frontend. Font Size defaults to TV, a small font whose size is determined later on the Qt Settings page. Use the big font for monitors and adjust size values according to your taste (and visual acuity).
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Rooms occupied Potential rooms 100 150 $100 $100
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Environmental Chemistry of Aerosols Edited by Ian Colbeck 2008 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-405-13919-9
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1998). For example, only 3 or 5 sessions might be authorized for services. Many psychologists feel that patients that truly need more services are being denied access to treatment (Phelps et al., 1998). And finally, many psychologists resent having someone tell them how they should treat their patients. For example, a managed-care company might urge the psychologist to have the patient enter group rather than individual therapy in order to save costs, given the typically lower fee for group as opposed to individual treatment. Furthermore, many psychologists are concerned about the growing use of capitation methods by managed care companies. The capitation program is similar to the DRG program already outlined. In a capitation program, the insurance company will pay a set fee for the treatment of a given patient no matter what treatment or how many sessions are required. For example, when a managed care insurance company refers a patient to a practitioner, the company may pay $250 for whatever services are needed. If services can be provided within one to three sessions, the practitioner covers his or her costs. If many more services are needed (e.g., 20 sessions), the professional loses a good deal of time and income. Many managed-care companies have thus transferred the risks of expensive services from the insurance company to the practitioner. In the words of Bertram Karon, What started reasonably is becoming a national nightmare (Karon, 1995, p. 5). Some psychologists, however, have noted that managed care offers a variety of hidden benefits (Anonymous, 1995; C. Chambliss, 2000; Clement, 1996, Hayes, 1996). For example, justifying treatment plans to managed care companies encourages professionals to think clearly about how best to treat their patients in a cost-effective manner, keeping their clinical skills sharp and motivation for success high. Furthermore, managed care promotes interdisciplinary collaboration by
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B s transmission to A is overheard by C.
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An operating budget concerns the ongoing projections of revenue and expense items that affect the income statement. For example, a forecast of sales revenue for a restaurant for a month is in an operating budget. Similarly, in a multidepartment hotel the forecast of total payroll expense for the year is an operating budget.
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DD not connected DD TXD RXD GND
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Electronic Fraudster Characteristics Fraudster Type Hacker Motivation Prove technical prowess Potential Activity
Root for the Home Team
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Time division duplex Time division multiplexing Time division multiple access Unsolicited grant service Uplink map Universal mobile technology system Voice over internet protocol Worldwide interoperability of microwave access Wireless metropolitan area network
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