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for transactions. Even though it looks simple, the programmatic statement that reads or assigns a variable s value is actually much more complicated than it seems. When a computer accesses a variable (or any value stored in memory), there are actually several low-level (machine language) instructions being performed. For example, rst, the computer may need to load a base address into one hardware register. Next, it might load an offset value into another hardware register. It might then add the two registers together and place the result in a third hardware register. The computer might even need to perform other operations to dereference the register (look at the value stored in the location to which it points). Unlike the operations performed on a normal variable, operations performed on semaphores cannot permit multiple processes or multiple threads to interleave their execution of these low-level operations. In particular, semaphores are often used to implement synchronization and protect critical sections by creating mutually exclusive objects (mutexs). Only one thread of control can obtain a particular semaphore at a given time; any other threads attempting to read or modify it will be forced to wait for it to be released. In this respect, semaphores are analogous to exclusive locks in databases, but semaphores are implemented as part of the operating system or program execution environment (independent of any database or database management system).
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<HTML> <HEAD> ... TITLE and META elements here ... </HEAD>
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VBA does not include a method to retrieve a value from a closed workbook file. You can, however, take advantage of Excel s ability to work with linked files. This section contains a VBA function (GetValue, which follows) that retrieves a value from a closed workbook. It does so by calling an XLM macro.
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Tinning Wires
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Part III MythTV Plug-Ins
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Figure 24-6: Using the Office Assistant to deliver custom help
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Advanced Broadband Digital Transport Formats 17.1 Introduction 17.2 SONET 17.2.1 Introduction and Background 17.2.2 Synchronous Signal Structure 17.2.3 Line Rates for Standard SONET Interface
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Application Development Checklist
The ABPsi s efforts to increase minority representation in psychology continued unabated into the 1970s, the fruits of
counseling recommendations (Kamb et al., 1998). Both interventions were implemented with adults during interactive, one-on-one sessions at ve public STD clinics; the enhanced intervention involved four sessions whereas the brief intervention involved only two. Both interventions were compared to a standard care (didactic messages only) control group. The sample consisted of 5,758 heterosexual, HIV-negative patients. Evaluations at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months assessed selfreported condom use; the evaluations at 6 and 12 months also assessed new diagnoses of STDs with laboratory tests. The ndings revealed that, at the 3- and 6-month follow-ups, condom use was higher in both the enhanced and brief counseling groups compared with participants in the control group. At the 6-month interval, new STDs were less common in both the enhanced (7%) and brief counseling (7%) arms compared with those in the control group (10%). This nding was replicated at the 12-month assessment. This study lends support to the notion that brief, theoretically based counseling that uses personalized action plans can increase condom use and prevent new STDs even in busy public STD clinics. Because there was not a pattern favoring the enhanced intervention, these results suggest that even a two-session counseling intervention could lead to risk reduction in downstream settings. Materials from this study are also available at http://www.cdc.gov/hiv /projects/respect/. Downstream interventions in STD clinics have also been evaluated with adolescents. Metzler, Biglan, Noell, Ary, and Ochs (2000) recruited 339 adolescents, aged 15 to 19 years, from public STD clinics. They implemented and evaluated a ve-session intervention to reduce sexual risk behavior using a RCT. Their intervention, which was in uenced by social cognitive theory (Bandura, 1986) and the InformationMotivation-Behavioral Skills model (Fisher & Fisher, 1992), targeted (a) decision making about safer sex goals, (b) social skills for achieving safer sex, and (c) acceptance of negative thoughts and feelings, and was compared to a standard care control condition. Results at the 6-month follow-up indicated that adolescents who received the behavioral intervention reported fewer sexual partners, fewer nonmonogamous partners, and fewer sexual contacts with new or anonymous partners in the past 3 months, and less use of marijuana before or during sex. Treated adolescents also performed better on a role-play assessment of skill in handling dif cult sexual situations. Overall, the results from downstream settings suggests that interventions guided by theory reduce risk behavior and incident STDs, especially among patients who test positive for HIV. Encouraging ndings have been obtained in one or two sessions with adults, and with longer interventions with adolescents. Continued development of such interventions
Part II Getting Inside Gmail
use MT::Template::Context; MT::Template::Context->add_tag( Counter => &CounterHandler ); sub CounterHandler { my ($ctx, $args, $cond) = @_; my $counter = $ctx->stash( counter ) || 1; $ctx->stash( counter , $counter + 1); $counter; } 1;
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