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De nition A pair of sequences (x n , y n ) X n Y n is said to be strongly typical with respect to a distribution p(x, y) on X Y if: 1. For all (a, b) X Y with p(a, b) > 0, we have 1 N (a, b|x n , y n ) p(a, b) < . n |X||Y| (10.107)
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Usually, one distinguishes between the referential system and its implementation, which is the referential frame. The geodesic coordinate frames used by GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo are respectively WGS84 (World Geodetic System 1984), PZ-90, and GTRF (Galileo Terrestrial Reference Frame). In the WGS84 model, the plane sections parallel to the equatorial plane are circular. The equatorial radius equals 6378.137 km. The plane sections perpendicular to the equatorial plane are ellipsoidal. The section containing the Z-axis has its larger
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Foundations and Fundamentals
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Roots for Example Problems Psychological Variables 2.30 1.63 .71 .53 .51 .32 Boxes 8.22 .78 .39 .31 .18 .05 .03 .02 .02 .01 WAIS-III 5.36 1.06 .86 .80 .64 .60 .43 .40 .35 .26 .23
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Detector Phototransistor or Photodiode
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All logarithms used in this text are to the base 10. Appendix B provides a review of logarithms and their applications. The opposite of loss is gain. An attenuator is a device placed in a circuit to purposely cause loss. An ampli er does just the reverse, it gives a signal gain. An ampli er increases a signal s intensity. We will use the following graphic symbol for an attenuator:
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Like any other software initiative, a dashboard deployment tends to take on a life of its own as part of the organizational infrastructure. So, it is important to get a clear perspective on the total cost of ownership for an extended period. The following are the main cost factors that must be considered for a successful dashboard solution: Software cost Annual support cost Additional hardware cost Initial deployment cost User training cost Ongoing support personnel cost
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