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Figure 13.8 The voice recorder control. typedef struct tagCM_VOICE_RECORDER { WORD cb; DWORD dwStyle; int xPos; int yPos; HWND hwndParent; int id; LPSTR lpszRecordFileName; } CM_VOICE_RECORDER, *LPCM_VOICE_RECORDER; The cb member contains the size of the CM_VOICE_RECORDER structure. hwndParent specifies the voice recorder control s owner window. id is the voice control identifier. xPos and yPos are the x and y position of the control with respect to the control s owner window. The lpszRecordFileName member is a null-terminated string that specifies the name of the default file to which the control stores the recording. It is also used as the default playback file name. The dwStyle member is used to specify various styles bits for customizing the appearance and behavior of the voice recorder control. The available styles are detailed in Table 13.14. STYLE VRS_NO_OKCANCEL VRS_NO_NOTIFY VRS_MODAL Table 13.14 Voice Recorder Control Styles MEANING The OK and Close buttons are not displayed. The control does not send notifications to the owner window. The control is implemented as a modal dialog instead of as a WS_POPUP-style dialog box. Thus, program control does not return to the calling application until the control is closed. The Stop button is not displayed. The Record button is not displayed. The control plays the file indicated by the lpszRecordFileName member immediately when the control is created. The control s gripper handle is removed. The user therefore cannot move the control.
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resulting profile rather than individual scale scores. Profile analysis is highlighted by examining pairs of high scores combinations. For example, high scores on the first three scales of the MMPI are referred to as the neurotic triad reflecting anxiety, depression, and somatic complaints. Research indicates that the MMPI, MMPI-2, and MMPI-A have acceptable reliability, stability, and validity (Butcher et al., 1989; Butcher et al., 1992; Graham, 1990; Parker et al., 1988). However, controversy exits concerning many aspects of the test. For example, the MacAndrew Scale was designed as a supplementary scale to classify those people with alcohol-related problems. The validity of the scale has been criticized and some authors have suggested that the scale no longer be used to examine alcohol problems (Gottesman & Prescott, 1989). Figure 8.1 provides an example of an MMPI-2 profile of a 60-year-old male high school teacher convicted of sexually abusing adolescent boys. The evaluation, which included a comprehensive psychological battery, revealed him to be actively alcoholic, depressed, and suffering from a personality disorder.
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Enter a name in the Name text box. The name will be read as the label for the button or text field. The text string that was the automatic label is read as a regular text object, unless you turn off accessibility for the text string.
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F undamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers
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PCM channel banks operate on a four-wire basis. Voice channel inputs and outputs to and from a PCM multiplex channel bank are four-wire, or must be converted to fourwire in the channel bank equipment. Another term commonly used for channel bank is codec, which is a contraction for coder-decoder even though the equipment carries out more functions than just coding and decoding. A block diagram of a typical codec (PCM channel bank) is shown in Figure 6.9. A codec accepts 24 or 30 voice channels, depending on the system used; digitizes and multiplexes the information; and delivers a serial bit stream to the line of 1.544
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