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Operation of Response Styles The operation of response styles in measures of personality and psychopathology has been a source of concern for many years. For example, efforts to circumvent operation of a social-desirability response style have included strategies such as the forced-choice response format of the EPPS, and the K correction of undesirable characteristics on the MMPI. However, as noted earlier, many of these strategies create more problems than they solve, particularly when they are based upon the assumption that substantive aspects of personality and psychopathology are independent of social desirability. The construct validity approach postulates that substantive constructs may be conceptually independent but still correlated with social desirability. Thus, control of this response style becomes a discriminant validity issue, with the developer seeking to insure that the item is a better measure of the substantive domain than of desirability responding. In constructing the Personality Research Form, Jackson (1971) used a differential reliability index to examine this discriminant validity issue, which is computed as follows: r2 is
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Hence if we let q (x, y) = p(x)p (y) be the product of the marginal distributions, we have q (x, y) = q1 (x, y) + (1 )q2 (x, y). (2.115)
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The chemical content of organic aerosols is an important factor that affects their physicochemical properties such as their hygroscopicity and consequently their effect on the solar radiation energy reaching the atmosphere. Furthermore, the identi cation of speci c chemical components as tracers from individual sources is of signi cant importance in order to quantify the anthropogenic contribution from health outcomes to climate change. Aliphatic dicarboxylated
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The parameter R t ; 0 R t 1; t 0; 1; 2; . . . ; T in (11.3) is a monotonically decreasing learning rate, which guarantees the convergence and stability of the learning process: R t R0 exp t=TC ; t 0; 1; . . . ; T 11:4
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8.1 Calculating the PVT Solution 241
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