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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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You won t be running mythfilldatabase on this machine, and running the MySQL daemon locally is not recommended. The only configuration you must make with regard to MySQL services is to grant access to all SBE servers as described earlier in this chapter in the section Configuring MySQL on Multiple Clients, and ensure that proper connectivity can be established by your remote devices. Open /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt in your favorite editor and find the line that contains a variable named DBHostName. Every participating SBE server on your network must contain the same MBE server address (where the MySQL server resides). You must also configure additional backend properties as follows: Specify the MBE server IP as the database server in Database Configuration (1/2). Configuration is similar to the MBE setup, except you do not define Video Sources here. Ensure that the IP addresses in General settings reflect the appropriate localhost and master. Change the variable DBHostName found in /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt to use the MBE address. Because the bulk of configuration data is retained on the MBE server, the SBE focuses on less data.
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Operational Management (Enterprise)
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selection. Then, the decision on admission control is made based on the assigned route and estimated QoS performances. Subchannel Allocation in an OFDMA Wireless Mesh Router. In OFDMA, one or more of the subchannels are allocated to a user/connection. For this, an optimization problem can be formulated to obtain the assignment of subchannels among the users. However, in a distributed scenario, if frequency bands are shared among multiple mesh routers, subchannel allocation in each mesh router must consider the allocations in the neighboring routers as well. The performance of subchannel allocation in an OFDMA system can be enhanced by exploiting multiuser diversity. In a multiuser OFDMA system, different users may have different channel quality on different subchannels at different points in time. Therefore, the resource allocation to multiple users can be performed so that the performance (e.g., capacity) of the system is maximized. This can be illustrated by the example shown in Fig. 21.5. There are seven users (i.e., connections) and nine subchannels in the system. The average values of spectral ef ciency (in bits/hertz) for the set of users and the subchannels are shown (each row corresponds to user and each column corresponds to subchannel). Due to wireless channel fading, the spectral ef ciency of different users are different on different subchannels. To exploit this diversity, the subchannel allocation problem can be formulated as an optimization problem with an objective to maximizing system capacity (and/or maintaining fairness among the users). One common constraint is that one subchannel must be allocated to only one user. If the system has to provide QoS guarantee, another constraint would be to maintain the throughput of each user at least as high as the minimum requirement. Standard techniques (e.g., Hungarian method [3]) can be used to solve this assignment problem formulation. When the wireless channel experiences fast fading (e.g., due to high mobility of the user), the channel quality and spectral ef ciency (e.g., obtained from channel estimation) can vary in each transmission frame. In such a case, a subchannel allocation algorithm can be invoked in every frame to optimize the system capacity (Fig. 21.6). Note that even though the allocation in each frame
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de ned such that Mjk 1 if Sj is the source of the kth observation, and Mjk 0 if Sj is not the source of the kth experience. Using this notation we express our algorithm for modifying the source credibility as a Ck j Ck 1 j Mjk lk 1 rk Ck 1 III
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