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Child Study Movement Another potent factor in the origin of school psychological services was the child study movement. In uenced primarily by G. Stanley Hall, this movement served to sensitize parents and teachers to the importance of childhood and to the knowledge gained about children from research through observational and questionnaire methods. Hall was interested primarily in the normative aspects of the development of normal children and youth. By the beginning of the twentieth century, he had supervised or conducted dozens of normative research studies that helped to de ne the typical or normal child. The child study movement had chapters in several states, and conventions were held on child study topics. Hall founded several professional journals and is credited with founding the American Psychological Association (APA) in 1892 (Ross, 1972). Educational Psychology Hall s efforts and those of other psychologists of the period (e.g., E. L. Thorndike) fostered the emergence of educational psychology as a major eld of psychological application. Educational psychology built upon the normative notions of child study and sought to provide educators broader understanding of how children learn, how curricula could be more ef ciently arranged, and how schools could be better organized. Educational psychology also served to sensitize educators and parents to the contributions that psychology could make in the mass education movement (see e.g., Cubberly, 1909; Thorndike, 1912). Clinical Psychology Another highly potent factor was the emergence of clinical psychology. Although related to the child study movement, the emergence of clinical psychology is credited to Lightner Witmer, and its orientation was primarily idiographic. Witmer is considered to be the father of clinical psychology, having founded the rst psychological clinic in this country at the University of Pennsylvania in 1896 (McReynolds, 1997). Where Hall was concerned about the typical development of schoolchildren, Witmer was most concerned with diagnosing and intervening on behalf of children who did not thrive in the regular educational environment of the mass education experiment. Witmer s efforts brought to the attention of educators and parents the importance of studying and designing interventions for individual children with one or more atypical characteristics. He worked in school settings on occasion and received numerous referrals from parents and educators. By
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Mp;new Mp;old 1 10.2. Move away the centers of remaining clusters: vq;new : vq;old a xk vq;old ; q 1; c ; q 6 p 10.3. Go to step 6. 11. If none of the conditions D2 < x 2 or Mp < Mmin applies, then do the n;b pk following: 11.1. Increment c. 11.2. Initialize the next cluster as follows:
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is constructed, it can be seen that i is root of that polynomial for 2 i n k, since two columns of this determinant will be equal when X is replaced by i , resulting in f ( i ) = 0. Therefore,
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The typical number of buffers allocated to the sort in today s DBMSs is 257. This allows for a 256-way sort merge and requires only three passes for a relation with 1,000,000 pages and only four passes for a relation of 1,000,000,000 pages!
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Jernigan, M., 824 Jerome, G. J., 117, 144, 152, 473, 500, 501, 543 Jessor, R., 868 Jessor, S. L., 868 Jessup, J. V., 501 Jette, A. M., 499 Jette, M., 519 Jevne, R., 362, 409 Jewett, A. E., 674 Jha, N., 586, 587 Jin, R., 312 Jirsa, V. K., 226 Jobin, J., 485, 520, 541 Jobli, E., 871 Jobling, A., 851, 854 Johansen, B. T., 321 Johansson, G., 205 John, L. D., 585 Johns, G., 118 Johnson, C., 315, 357, 361, 364, 365 Johnson, D. J., 585, 861 Johnson, D. L., 835 Johnson, G. V., 298 Johnson, J. H., 293, 382, 383, 563, 826, 833 Johnson, J. M., 298 Johnson, M. F., 371, 514, 517, 607, 664, 669, 677 Johnson, M. S., 608 Johnson, N. G., 825 Johnson, R., 520 Johnson, S., 744, 788 Johnson, T., 277, 482 Johnson, U., 395, 398, 410, 413, 414, 415, 416 Johnson, W., 835, 859 Johnsrude, I. S., 473 Johnston, J. H., 276, 278, 279 Johnston, K., 705 Johnston, L. D., 846, 866, 868 Johnston, L. H., 409, 410, 412, 415, 416, 417, 833 Johnston, M., 553 Joiner, T., 637 Jokela, J., 493, 495 Jokela, M., 41, 49, 52, 758 Jokl, P., 414, 416, 417 Jolles, J., 495 Jones, A. R., 866, 869 Jones, B., 435 Jones, C., 205, 212, 608, 622, 624, 638, 677 Jones, D., 624 Jones, E. E., 145, 150, 152 Jones, G., 33, 36, 39, 43, 45, 48, 49, 252, 254, 288, 289, 290, 294, 298, 299, 386, 410, 425, 438, 848, 849 Jones, L., 296, 522, 542, 586, 587, 589, 590, 591 Jones, M. B., 272 Jones, T., 300, 316, 624 Jones, W., 605 Jonker, C., 495 Jordan, M., 445
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