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2 3.2. Clearly explain why s and Radj are preferable to R 2 as measures for model building.
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Sodium chloride (NaCl) is involved in water holding, rmness, taste, and avor, as well as the microbiological safety of meat products (Puolanne et al. 2001). NaCl usually ranges from 0% in salt-free products to 4% in sterilized products. In meat processing, typically 2% 3% salt is incorporated in the product formulation (Claus et al. 1994). Sodium chloride increases water binding in meat linearly from 0 to 0.8 1.0 ionic strengths in the water phase (Hamm 1972; Offer and Knight 1988). This corresponds to less than 5% NaCl in lean meat, provided that the water content is about 75% (Ruusunen and Puolanne 2005). Salt induces important changes in myo brils. Negative protein charges are increased because chloride ions are more strongly bound to the proteins than sodium ions. According to Hamm (1972), this causes repulsion between the myo brillar proteins (myo laments), which results in a swelling of myo brils or even a partial solubilization of laments. Offer and Knight (1988) indicate that the selective binding of chloride ions to the myo brillar proteins causes a loosening of the myo brillar lattice, due to a repulsion between the molecules of myosin laments breaking down the shaft of the lament. Moreover, sodium ions are pulled very close to the lament surfaces by the proteins electrical forces. This increases osmotic pressure within the myo brils, causing the lament lattice to swell. The factors inhibiting the unlimited swelling are the actomyosin cross-bridges between the laments and Z-lines. In sausage meat, the sarcomere alteration depends on the interaction of the ionic strength with the processing conditions, particularly of the mincing and mixing conditions (Ripoche et al. 2001). Comminution alone enhances the meatsetting properties, in that the thermal stabilities of myosin and actin are modi ed and protein salt-solubility is increased (Fern ndezMart n et al. 2002).
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After that, loop through all of the messages in the Inbox, incrementing a variable by one for every unread mail you see:
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Knowledge does not keep any better than sh. (p. 106)
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Becoming a Clinical Psychologist: A Road Map
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Channels with unknown parameters. We are given a binary symmetric channel with parameter p. The capacity is C = 1 H (p). Now we change the problem slightly. The receiver knows only that p {p1 , p2 } (i.e., p = p1 or p = p2 , where p1 and p2 are given real numbers). The transmitter knows the actual value of p. Devise two codes for use by the transmitter, one to be used if p = p1 , the other to be used if p = p2 , such that transmission to the receiver can take place at rate C(p1 ) if p = p1 and at rate C(p2 ) if p = p2 . (Hint: Devise a method for revealing p to the receiver without affecting the asymptotic rate. Pre xing the codeword by a sequence of 1 s of appropriate length should work.)
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of meat of about 100 120 g (75% water at pH 5.5) with a heating velocity of 2.5 C/min from 7 C to the temperatures indicated and kept there for 40 min
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FIGURE 4-4: Gmail with no styling . . . quite ugly
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