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B.3.5 Solving Two Simultaneous Linear Equations with Two Unknowns
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The mobile node sends a registration request to the home agent. The home agent sends a registration reply to the mobile node, granting or denying the request. Authentication Each mobile node, foreign agent, and home agent must be able to support a mobility security association for mobile entities, indexed by their SPI and IP address. Registration messages between a mobile node and its home agent must be authenticated with the mobile home authentication extension. This extension immediately follows all nonauthentication extensions, except those foreign agent-specific extensions that may be added to the message after the mobile node computes the authentication. Registration Request A mobile node registers with its home agent using a registration request message so that its home agent can create or modify a mobility binding for that mobile node (e.g., with a new lifetime). The request may be relayed to the home agent by the foreign agent through which the mobile node is registering, or it may be sent directly to the home agent in the case in which the mobile node is registering a colocated care-of address. Registration Reply A mobility agent returns a registration reply message to a mobile node that has sent a registration request message. If the mobile node is requesting a service from a foreign agent, that foreign agent will receive the reply from the home agent and subsequently relay it to the mobile node. The reply message contains the necessary codes to inform the mobile node about the status of its request, along with the lifetime granted by the home agent, which may be smaller than the original request. Mobile Node Considerations A mobile node must be configured with its home address, a netmask, and a mobility security association for each home agent. In addition, a mobile node may be configured with the IP address of one or more of its home agents; otherwise, the mobile node may discover a home agent using specific procedures. For each pending registration, the mobile node maintains the following information: The link layer address of the foreign agent to which the registration request was sent, if applicable The IP destination address of the registration request The care-of address used in the registration The identification value sent in the registration The originally requested lifetime The remaining lifetime of the pending registration
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Computers are constantly getting quicker, and the programs they run are getting smarter. A crypto algorithm that could be cracked with a brute-force attack in 40 years in the past might only take 10 years to break with today s technology. In other words, if you need to protect something for 25 years you may have to use crypto that would take 500 years to crack, just to account for future changes in technology. DES is a good example of the way a secure algorithm can become insecure. DES has an effective key length of 56 bits. DES is no longer considered secure, not because the algorithm has been cracked, but because of the key length. Triple-DES has become the de facto standard today because it has an effective key length of either 112 or 168 bits, depending on whether it uses two or three keys. This will become clear by looking at an example. Figure 2.1 shows Triple-DES using two keys, which gives an effective key length of 112 bits. Triple-DES is structured in this way so that the algorithm is downwardly compatible with DES. If I set Key 1 and Key 2 to the same value, this is, in effect, a single DES operation. The first encryption and decryption would cancel out, and only the last encryption would be performed. If Key 1 and Key 2 are different, then you get an effective key length of 112 bits. Figure 2.2 shows Triple-DES using three keys. This gives an effective key length of 168 bits.
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The OnKey event
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Click the Tools drop-down menu. Click E-mail Accounts. Click the Add a new e-mail account option (see Figure 10-2). Click Next. Select the type of e-mail server your account uses. If you don t know, ask your e-mail service provider. Click Next.
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= -B'X,-I AX- I.
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Code Measurements 1. Stand-alone receiver GNSS A-GNSS Pseudolites GNSS w LAAS GNSS SD w (3,5) Pseudolites SD w (3,5) GNSS w SBAS GNSS w GBAS GNSS DD w (2,5) Pseudolites DD w (2,5) Phase Measurements
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Part III
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Primary Self-instruction guide for HIV prevention Parents group training in communicating with teens about risk behaviors Work site education and exercise program for injury prevention Neighborhood media campaign to promote exercise in minority populations Enforcing laws banning cigarette sales to minors
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Response = Status -Line *( generalHeader | responseHeader | entityHeader ) CRLF [ messageBody ]
where: a = initial viable cell load b = nal viable cell load
Secure communication involves more than just building a functional site and adding crypto or SSL at the end. Security must address all points of vulnerability. Remembering that an attacker is always going to try to break the weakest link, all security measures must be designed into a site from the beginning. You can understand this concept better by looking at the process of building a house. You would think a builder was crazy if he finished building a whole house and left out the electrical wiring. To fix this the builder would have to rip out all the walls, install the wiring, fix all of the sheet rock, and repaint all the walls. Not only would this be much more expensive, but the end product would be inferior. Just as it makes more sense to include the electrical wiring in the original blueprints of a house, security must be designed in from the beginning, or the end product will be more expensive and not as effective. Building in protection for the data after the fact usually requires rebuilding and potentially redesigning the database and resulting interfaces for a Web site.
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