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Note that n = min{1, log(log n)+4 }. Combining (13.96) with (13.87), we log n obtain the lemma. We will need a simple result on maximum entropy in the proof of the main theorem. Lemma 13.5.4 Let Z be a nonnegative integer-valued random variable with mean . Then the entropy H (Z) is bounded by H (Z) ( + 1) log( + 1) log . (13.97)
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In real-world scenarios, we are often faced with nonstationary phenomena whose parameters or even structures change over time and/or space. The underlying systems evolve. Subsequent models of such phenomena, including fuzzy models, describing these phenomena have to evolve so that they stay relevant. Considering the inherent granularity present in fuzzy modeling, the objective of this study is to endow fuzzy models with an important feature of evolvable granularity granularity whose level mirrors the varying dynamics and perception of the data/system. Depending on the architecture of the fuzzy models, the changes in granularity can be directly translated into the number of rules, local models, number of fuzzy neurons, and so on. As information granularity is positioned in the center of the design of such fuzzy models, we develop a concept of dynamic data granulation realized in the presence of incoming data organized in the form of data snapshots. For each of these snapshots we reveal a structure by running fuzzy clustering. The proposed algorithm of adjustable Fuzzy C-Means exhibits a number of useful features associated with the dynamic nature of the underlying data: (1) The number of clusters is adjusted from one data snapshot to another in order to capture the varying structure of patterns and its complexity, and (2) continuity between the consecutively discovered structures is retained the clusters formed for a certain data snapshot are constructed as a result of evolving the clusters discovered in the predeceasing snapshot. The criterion used to control the level of information granularity
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You have several options when it comes to displaying online help. I chose a simple technique that employs the UserForm shown in Figure 25-7 to display text stored in a worksheet. You ll notice that this help is context sensitive. When the user clicks the Help button, the help topic displayed is relevant to the current page of the MultiPage control.
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Let s examine each of these steps brie y.
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be the nonlinear direct and inverse transformation for a single nger where the inverse transformation is not necessarily unique for the existing nger kinematics. From (15.6) one can easily obtain the differential transformations _ _ x t J q q; _ _ q t J x x 15:7
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14 Xcode and Other Tools
(See Section 11.1.3.)
where the zero submatrices disappear if r
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