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Highlight of a Contemporary Clinical Psychologist: Lori Goldfarb Plante, PhD Cognitive Testing Intellectual Assessment Case Study: WAIS-III with Gabriel Intellectual Assessment Case Study: WISC-IV with Lillian Personality Testing Clinical Inference and Judgment Communicating Assessment Results
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The appendix to this chapter illustrates the calculation of the Est[var(ta )] using the data in Table 25.1. The estimated variance can be used in a signi cance test of H0: a = c, or in a con dence interval of the form ta x1
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Sub Discount3() Quantity = InputBox( Enter Quantity: ) Select Case Quantity Case : Exit Sub Case 0 To 24: Discount = 0.1 Case 25 To 49: Discount = 0.15 Case 50 To 74: Discount = 0.2 Case Is >= 75: Discount = 0.25 End Select MsgBox Discount: & Discount End Sub
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water, silage, and many other environmental sources. Listeriosis may develop in birds, animals, and humans. L. monocytogenes is especially pathogenic to high-risk populations, including newborns, pregnant women, elderly, and immunocompromized persons. The symptoms of the disease include fever, chills, headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Epidemiological studies have con rmed that meat products have been involved in sporadic cases and outbreaks of listeriosis in many countries. Contamination of ready-toeat (RTE) meat and poultry products by L. monocytogenes has represented a major source of foodborne illness in the United States in recent years. The lethality treatment received by many processed RTE meats and poultry products generally eliminates the pathogen; however, when the disinfection is inadequate, products can be contaminated by exposure to the environment after the lethality treatment, during peeling, slicing, and repackaging operations. In general, the contamination sites in meat- and poultryprocessing plants are mainly the food-contact surfaces and processing machines: conveyors, slicers, peelers, dicers, and brining and packaging machines. Experience in cold-smoked pork products processing establishments indicates that contamination of the nished product appears to mostly be due to L. monocytogenes strains already present in the plant environment (Be rzin et al. 2007). This experience con rmed the results obtained by other authors (Norton et al. 2001; Hoffman et al. 2003). Both persistent and nonpersistent strains were isolated from pork products produced in seven different plants. Previous studies have shown that persistent L. monocytogenes strains can often be found in various parts of food processing equipment. Lund n et al. (2002) evaluated the possibility of transferring persistent L. monocytogenes contamination from one plant to another with a dicing machine for cooked meat products. After the transfer of
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YOUNG PSYCHOLOGISTS INITIATIVE To encourage participation by younger colleagues, the steering committee for the 1963 International Congress in Washington, DC, developed a Young Psychologists Program. It was oriented to persons under age 30 who had received their highest degree in psychology within the previous 5 years. Funds were raised from individual psychologists and from regional and state associations to support 22 young colleagues, one from nearly each of the union s member societies. The Canadian Psychological Association supported one of their own. Psychologists residing in the Washington area generously provided lodging in their homes, logistical assistance, and a chance to become acquainted with the city.
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Now let us consider Freud s argument for his cardinal thesis that sexual repressions in particular are the pathogens of all neuroses, an argument he deemed decisive. Drawing on my earlier writings (Gr nbaum, 1990, pp. 565 567; 1993, pp. 152 158), we shall now find that this argument is without merit. According to Freud s theory of transference, the patient transfers onto his or her psychoanalyst feelings and thoughts that originally pertained to important figures in his or her earlier life. In this important sense, the fantasies woven around the psychoanalyst by the analysand, and quite generally the latter s conduct toward his or her doctor, are hypothesized to be thematically recapitulatory of childhood episodes. And by thus being recapitulatory, the patient s behavior during treatment can be said to exhibit a thematic kinship to such very early episodes. Therefore, when the analyst interprets these supposed reenactments, the ensuing interpretations are called transference interpretations. Freud and his followers have traditionally drawn the following highly questionable causal inference: Precisely in virtue of being thematically recapitulated in the patientdoctor interaction, the hypothesized earlier scenario in the patient s life can cogently be held to have originally been a pathogenic factor in the patient s affliction. For example, in his case history of the Rat-Man, Freud (1909) infers that a certain emotional conflict had originally been the precipitating cause of the patient s inability to work, merely because this conflict had been thematically reenacted in a fantasy the Rat-Man had woven around Freud during treatment. Thus, in the context of Freud s transference interpretations, the thematic reenactment is claimed to show that the early scenario had originally been pathogenic. According to this etiologic conclusion, the patient s thematic reenactment in the treatment setting is also asserted to be pathogenically recapitulatory by being pathogenic in the adult patient s here and now, rather than only thematically recapitulatory. Freud (1914, p. 12) extols this dubious etiologic transference argument in his History of the Psycho-Analytic Movement, claiming that it furnishes the most unshakable proof for his sexual etiology of all the neuroses:
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