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7:30 School site visit to observe Hispanic preschool child with behavioral difficulties. 9:00 Individual psychotherapy with 34-yearold African American male with social phobia. 10:00 Individual psychotherapy with 26-yearold Caucasian female with ADHD. 11:00 Couples therapy. 12:30 Clinical consultant for nonprofit agency. 2:00 Individual psychotherapy with 56-yearold anxious Caucasian female. 3:00 Pick up children from school. 3:30 Drive one child to soccer practice. 4:30 Attend second child s volleyball game. 5:00 Drive third child to basketball practice. 6:30 Home for dinner and family time.
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potential evapotranspiration The rate at which evapotranspiration (q.v.) would occur, given the ambient conditions of atmospheric temperature humidity and solar radiation, if there were no limit to the supply of water to the soil surface and/or to plants. potential recharge In ltrating waters passing below the root-suction base (q.v.). potential yield The yield of a commissioned source or group of water supply sources as constrained only by well and/or aquifer properties for speci ed conditions and demands. potentiometric surface A synonym of piezometric surface (q.v.). precipitation Rain, hail, sleet or snow. principle of electroneutrality The phenomenon that means water cannot carry a net electrical charge (positive or negative), but must always be electrically neutral. principle of superposition The principle that drawdown (q.v.) due to a number of wells pumping in consort equals the sum of the drawdowns each well would cause were it pumping alone. probabilistic modeling An approach to the application of a mathematical model in which all inputs and outputs are probability distributions, rather than single parameter values. protons Hydrogen ions (H+).
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+ p(x)d(x, x) + (x) = 0. Setting log (x) = (x)/p(x), we obtain p(x) log q(x|x) + d(x, x) + log (x) = 0 q(x)
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Three phase hand-shaking protocols in SPIN [25].
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A couple of interesting options are available with mdfind. The onlyin option lets you limit the search to a specified directory. The live option keeps the query going, giving updated results if the metadata changes until you press Control-C to stop it.
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Theorem 15.2.3 Let A(n) denote the typical set for the probability mass function p(s1 , s2 , s3 ), and let
Inertial systems include all the techniques that take advantage of the inertial properties of any movement. For instance, if a straight line displacement at constant speed is curved, a force F appears and thus a corresponding acceleration g ; both are linked by the simple formula F mg, where m is the mass of an object. The same appears if the movement is simply accelerated. As acceleration is also the rst derivative of velocity, it can also be used in order to de ne the evolution of velocity over time. A second integration could then be carried out in order to obtain the displacement. The gyroscopic effect is also a result of acceleration, but exhibits different sensitivity errors from accelerometers, thus allowing a combined use in order to reduce measurement errors. By extension, other physical measurement systems have been included in inertial systems, such as barometers and magnetometers. The former could help in de ning the oor level indoors and the latter the absolute orientation of the mobile terminal. One has to note that inertial systems are those that rst enabled navigation systems to be installed in automobiles. A few months before the of cial availability of GPS, the rst navigation system was available in a car. To achieve such a goal without GPS,33 there was the need for autonomous sensors that were able to follow the car s movement: inertial sensors. Nowadays, GNSS receivers are widely used in order to make the best possible system, thanks to the very good accuracy provided, but for a while, GPS was mainly used to calibrate the inertial system dynamically. The main sensors used in car navigation are accelerometers, gyroscopes, and odometers. Others can be used indoors or for pedestrian purposes, such as barometers or magnetometers. It is interesting to note that inertial systems are the modern implementation of dead reckoning.34 In ancient times, the lochs35 were used in order to allow more continuous navigation than was possible with astronomical positioning. Nowadays, when GNSS signals are not available, that is, in a few environments and especially indoors, there is still a demand for continuous positioning. The basic requirements are to determine the velocity vector, that is, both its amplitude and its direction, in real time. As physical measurements are achieved at a given rate, this introduces errors; current systems can typically achieve 100 Hz. The integration (and thus the sum) of errors lead nally to increasing positioning inaccuracy with time.
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