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Practice Safe Instant Messaging
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Table 1.1 Coding: a codeword for each message Messages s1 s2 s3 s4 Codewords 101 01 110 000
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Graph Meteo
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Another key factor of TCP/IP is extensibility. How many people can you name that use
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cated with the callee that receives the request from the network, decodes it, and dispatches it to the component. Inter-ORB communication is done through the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP). A request, sent from one location to another, is encapsulated within a packet containing the identity of the target component, an operation name, and parameters. CORBA is a middleware, i.e., a software that goes between parts of distributed applications. CORBA clearly separates the notion of interface from the notion of implementation of the interface. The implementation is changeable and, behind an interface, can hide several different implementations. This provides flexibility. The interface is specified with a CORBA-specific language called the interface definition language (IDL). Implementations can be programmed, however, is several different languages such as C, C++, and Java. The development of an implementation is done as follows. The interface is written in the IDL. The IDL specification is processed by a translator that generates a representation in a target implementation language. The programmer writes in that target language methods associated to the operations of the interface. The component is compiled. The code of the component contains the elements required for its registration with an ORB when it is launched. There is a CORBA implementation for a popular PDA operating system called Palm OS. It is a port of an open source implementation for CORBA called Mico [24]. Mico for CORBA [26] provides an API for creating CORBA clients on Palm OS. Servers cannot run on Palm OS. The capability to run servers on a PDA is a promising development. Indeed, a PDA could abstract its databases, such as address book and agenda, as CORBA objects and make them available to other applications on the PDA. There are no IDL compilers for Palm OS, hence the client stubs have to be written by the programmer. Recently, commercial versions of CORBA for PDAs have been announced [28]. CORBA and Jini CORBA can coexist with a service discovery protocol such as Jini and this issue has been addressed before by Jai et al. [19]. A client-side proxy, associated with a CORBA component, is registered with the lookup service by some entity (see Figure 27.10). Having the same interface as the CORBA component, the proxy, after it has been discovered, is downloaded and colocated with the client. The proxy hides the protocol, i.e., IIOP, for the communication with the the CORBA component.
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noti cation case, on the other hand, the GMLC sends a HTTP POST including the location information of the mobile user requesting a location service to the LCS client. In turn, the LCS client responds a HTTP Response for service initiation.
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Figure 6.2 The File System Explorer Options menu.
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The Psychology of the Victim of Prejudice and Discrimination
Click the arrow in the upper right corner of the Actions panel to display the pop-up menu, and Click anywhere in the Actions panel. Then press Control+Shift+N (Windows) or
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