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modelers are introduced to: it is capable of showing all the avors for all the constructs we discussed in Section, and it is very easy to understand. Although we will not exhaustively list everything that this model (or even this diagram) represents, we will point out some examples of the more important notations. Points of Interest in Figure 10.3
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is of more than passing interest to inquire how personality contributes to persistent social rule-breaking. However, to define the former in terms of the latter confounds the dependent with the independent variable and precludes any understanding of the relationship. Second, specific acts have multiple determinants and are poor criteria of a stable underlying disposition (Blackburn, 1995; Block, 1989; Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990). Criminality or antisociality may be construed as a disposition of the person, but antisocial acts are only one of several possible manifestations of this disposition. Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990) conceptualized this disposition as a tendency to seek short-term, immediate pleasure, a disposition manifest in stable traits such as impulsivity or recklessness, which APD specifies. This same tendency is held to underlie using drugs, being in accidents, and smoking, but these are events arising from opportunities and external conditions as much as the attributes of the person. If antisocial behavior is simply a possible but not inevitable outcome of psychopathy, then social deviance is neither necessary nor sufficient to the definition. It is not surprising that there is a close correspondence between APD and F2 of the PCLR. However, the PCL-R criteria overall are more clearly weighted with Cleckley s traits, and, at best, APD provides no more than a crude approximation to Cleckley s concept. In terms of psychometric utility, the balance of evidence also suggests that the PCL-R is more valid for practical purposes than APD (Cunningham & Reidy, 1998). Nevertheless, both APD and the PCL-R are biased representations of the construct they purport to represent.
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where i is the angle of individual, i, on the circular continuum. The result is then expressed as an angle (Equation 16.5). In this example, the circular mean for the group of individuals is equal to 120 . It can be shown (see Gurtman, 1997) that the circular mean ( M ) is also the angle that maximizes the sum of the cosine deviations, or cos (
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sub show_word { my ($app) = @_; # Generate HTML that will display the configured word return $html; } sub save_word { my ($app) = @_; # Save the word and generate HTML to indicate success return $html; }
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Dismantling Treatment Strategies
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