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broad inhibitory spectrum. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 61:2643 2648. Cintas, L. M., P. Casaus, H. Holo, P. E. Hernandez, I. F. Nes, and L. S. Havarstein. 1998. Enterocins L50A and L50B, two novel bacteriocins from Enterococcus faecium L50, and related to staphylococcal hemolysins. Journal of Bacteriology 180:1988 1994. Cintas, L. M., P. Casaus, L. S. Havarstein, P. E. Hernandez, and I. F. Nes. 1997. Biochemical and genetic characterization of enterocin P, a novel secdependent bacteriocin from Enterococcus faecium P13 with a broad antimicrobial spectrum. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63:4321 4330. Cocolin, L., M. Manzano, D. Aggio, C. Cantoni, and G. Comi. 2001. A novel polymerase chain reaction (PCR) denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) for the identi cation of Micrococcaceae strains involved in meat fermentations. Its application to naturally fermented Italian sausages. Meat Science 57:59 64. Cocolin, L., R. Urso, K. Rantsiou, C. Cantoni, and G. Comi. 2006. Dynamics and characterization of yeasts during natural fermentation of Italian sausages. FEMS Yeast Research 6:692 701. Comi, G., R. Urso, L. Iacumin, K. Rantsiou, P. Cattaneo, C. Cantoni, and L. Cocolin. 2005. Characterisation of naturally fermented sausages produced in the North East of Italy. Meat Science 69:381 392. Coppola, R., M. Iorizzo, R Saotta, E. Sorrentino, and L. Grazia. 1997. Characterization of micrococci and staphylococci isolated from soppressata molisana, a Southern Italy fermented sausage. Food Microbiology 14:47 53. Drosinos, E. H., M. Mataragas, and J. Metaxopoulos. 2006. Modeling of growth and bacteriocin production by Leuconostoc mesenteroides E131. Meat Science 74:690 696. Drosinos, E. H., M. Mataragas, and S. Paramithiotis. 2008. Antimicrobial activity of bacteriocins and their applications. In Meat Biotechnology, edited by F. Toldra. New York: Springer. Drosinos, E. H., S. Paramithiotis, G. Kolovos, I. Tsikouras, and I. Metaxopoulos. 2007. Phenotypic and technological diversity of lactic acid bacteria and staphylococci isolated from traditionally fermented sausages in Greece. Food Microbiology 24:260 270. Drosinos, E. H., M. Mataragas, N. Xiraphi, G. Moschonas, F. Gaitis, and J. Metaxopoulos. 2005. Characterization of the microbial ora from a traditional Greek fermented sausage. Meat Science 6:307 317. El Soda, M., M. Korayem, and N. Ezzat. 1986. The esterolytic and lipolytic activities of lactobacilli. III: Detection and characterisation of the lipase system. Milchwissenschaft 41:353 355. Erkkila, S., and E. Petaja. 2000. Screening of commercial meat starter cultures at low pH and in the presence of bile salts for potential probiotic use. Meat Science 55:297 300. Erkkila, S., M.-L. Suihko, S. Eerola, E. Petaja, and T. Mattila-Sandholm. 2001. Dry sausage fermented by
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and Catholicism. As noted above, research exploring the social change implications of the model has veri ed that cultural bias is indeed a signi cant factor in determining the extent to which a new idea or ideology can take hold in a society (cf. Nowak & Vallacher, 2001). It is interesting to consider cultural differences in terms of the speci c combinations of self-in uence, noise, and bias. Two industrialized societies may both have high levels of self-in uence (i.e., an individualistic orientation), for example, but they may differ considerably in their respective levels of noise (e.g., selective exposure to mass media) or their bias toward various positions (e.g., religious beliefs). Because each of these variables plays a unique role in social in uence, the interaction among them is likely to be decisive in shaping the predominant form of social in uence characterizing a given society. Cultural variation in social in uence processes, in other words, conceivably can be traced to the speci c blend of variables in the cellular automata model. The investigation of this possibility provides an important agenda for future research concerning the relationship between micro- and macrolevels of social reality.
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The intervals are important because they provide isolation for overshoots of video at the end of scanning lines. Figure 14.4 illustrates the horizontal synchronizing pulses and corresponding porches. The vertical scanning generator in the video/ TV receiver is synchronized with the camera (transmitter) synchronizing generator at the end of each eld by means of vertical synchronizing pulses. The time interval between successive elds is called the vertical interval. The vertical synchronizing pulse is built up during this interval. The scanning generators are fed by differentiation circuits. Differentiation for the horizontal scan has a relatively short time constant (RC) and that for the vertical a comparatively long time constant. Thus the long-duration vertical synchronization may be separated from the comparatively short-duration horizontal synchronization. This method of separation of synchronization, known as waveform separation, is standard in North America. In the composite video signal (North American standards) the horizontal synchronization has a repetition rate of 15,750 frames per second, and the vertical synchronization has a repetition rate of 60 frames per second (Refs. 2, 3).
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having occurred more recently than they actually did; and (c) rounding, in which respondents drop fractions and report even numbers or numbers ending in 0 or 5. These errors create different biases: Memory failures lead to underreporting, telescoping to overreporting, and rounding to both. Lin, Ensel, and Lai (1996) presented an informative thorough study of the reliability and validity of recall data. If retrospective recall is the only alternative, is it worth the effort We believe it is. In their retrospective study of suicide ideation, Bolger et al. (1989) successfully used several approaches to improve recall. Although studying a threatening event, they couched the study in less threatening terms, that is, about the development of the concept of death and suicide. They never asked about respondents mental health or suicidal behavior only about thoughts and knowledge about others. Questionnaires were anonymous and selfadministered in a group setting. Respondents were college students close enough in age to the time period of interest (adolescence) but old enough to be removed. How Can You Minimize Attrition Given the expense and dif culty of prospective data collection, researchers want to keep every case they can. It is well known that statistical power decreases as sample size decreases and that generalizability may also suffer if attrition is nonrandom. Hansen, Collins, Malotte, Johnson, and Fielding (1985) clearly demonstrate that studies on drug abuse prevention, for example, have been plagued by attrition problems. In their review of this literature, Biglan et al. (1991) noted several studies with attrition rates in excess of 50%! Researchers who are most successful at minimizing attrition have used some of the following strategies: Explain to respondents why you need to follow them; ask them to contact you if they move; visit their homes and ask neighbors for information about them; pay them for participation in each interview; have them pay you an earnest deposit refundable at the end of the last interview; offer lottery prizes for those who successfully compete all required interviews; mail a newsletter at regular intervals; record the names and addresses of several relatives or friends not living with them; record each respondent s Social Security number; convene reunion meetings; maintain contact at regular intervals even if you are not recording data as frequently; send birthday and seasonal greetings cards; and consult of cial records (jail, hospital, welfare, driver registration). Farrington, Gallagher, Morley, St. Ledger, and West (1990) and M. Murphy (1990) offered many helpful strategies for minimizing attrition.
only a few standards of justice and has not paid attention to the whole spectrum of criteria. An enlightened discourse has to take several perspectives at a problematic case or a justice con ict. Being aware of the prevalence of justice dilemmas meaning that two or more valid principles of justice are con icting should help to avoid and to overcome one-sided views. Looking at the character of justice appraisals, Lerner s distinction between preconscious, intuitive, and experiential versus rational processes in coming to judgments about justice and injustice is a very important one (Lerner, 1998). Many appraisals of injustice are intuitive and not consciously re ected upon. Furthermore, the parties of justice con icts have primarily intuitive beliefs about justice and rarely have founded their positions on re ected moral reasoning. What is the problem with that Experienced and observed injustices may motivate actions that have good and productive consequences: Protest may assert the validity of a justice norm, stop further violations, motivate compensation for the victims, and so forth. But it is also true that experienced and observed injustices may motivate terrible actions, up to homicide, war, and genocide. Moreover, they may mean a serious impairment of the well-being and mental health of individuals. Therefore, it might be well-advised to subject these intuitions of justice and injustice to re ected moral reasoning. For this purpose, the typical use of the singular form when speaking of justice may be counterproductive because it may suggest that a single view of justice is valid: Which view should be valid other than the own intuitively compelling one Whenever views of justice and injustice instigate emotions or motivate actions that have negative effects for the subjects, for others, or for the social systems, moral reasoning may help to demonstrate that no single view can claim absolute validity: Accepting one view, one principle absolute would violate all others. Trying to integrate and to balance various principles of justice in their decisions and regulations is the wisdom of institutions and authorities. Moral reasoning and discourses about justice are one way that views about justice are built up or changed; these are not the only ways, however. The socialization and adoption of views of justice takes many more ways. Social facts as well as the dominant ideologies and traditions have a coining effect on people s minds, at least as long as they are not criticized by trustworthy people as unjust. A look at social movements and the psychological processes and strategies used to change the public awareness about entitlements and obligations is informative, as Major (1994) has shown. It is no less informative to examine psychological barriers against changes of the worldview a consolidated belief in a just world, the conviction that the
The communication emphasis at the Houston Hilton is extended into a nine-week cross-training program, in which all departments (food and beverage, front desk, housekeeping, sales, etc.) participate in learning the basics of each department. This training effort allows the salesperson to appreciate the duties of a cook, the waiter or waitress to understand the duties of a front desk clerk, and the front desk clerk to value the duties of a housekeeper. Another area of cooperative training efforts is re command post training. Mr. DeCaire offers the following advice for students wanting to make a career in the hotel industry: take an entry-level job in the hospitality industry so you can understand the work requirements of weekends, holidays, and nights prior to investing in a college education. This effort will pay big dividends for your career growth.
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