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Account Ledgers
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Following are some of the most important features CoffeeCup has to offer: Easily upload pages and images directly to your server. Edit your Web site by simply entering the URL. Editing is facilitated by a global search and replace function. Imagemap creation with the built-in Image Slicer. No need to create your own JavaScript, there are 100 ready-made scripts for you to use. Validate your code with Code Cleaner. Verify your spelling as you type. View your edits as you make them with the Split-Screen Live Preview Edit Mode. Who will like CoffeeCup People who like to muck around in their HTML code, as well as having fancy things, such as the split screen preview, or the snippets editor that enables you to insert custom code with ease. CoffeeCup 8.2 sells for $49 and is available from CoffeeCup at www.coffeecup.com.
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On the Stage, select the button instance whose event you want to handle. Enter an instance name in the Property inspector. Select a frame, button, or movie clip to which to attach the method. Choose Window > Actions to open the Actions panel if it isn t already open. In the Actions toolbox (at the left of the panel), click the Objects category, then click the Movie category, the MovieClip category, and the Events category, and double-click one of the MovieClip event handler methods. Enter values for the following parameters:
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Research: Design and Outcome
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A common situation that occurs in behavioral and biological science is the factorial design in which the main effects and interactions are tested. Although the additive model that underlies the full analysis of a factorial experiment is not applicable to ordinal data, Cliff (1994, 1996a, 1996b) suggests that the d method can be easily extended to multiple groups situations in order to answer research questions that are typically answered by factorial ANOVA.
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Multicast is a powerful service model that enables scalable content delivery. However, in the last section, we witnessed the many challenges facing reliable multicast. Sophisticated solutions have been devised to address them. As traditional endto-end mechanisms such as ACKs and NACKs were shown to be less than adequate, some proposed pushing transport session state and reliability mechanisms into the routers. In fact, if the routers supported connection-oriented and reliable data transfer, instead of the current connectionless and unreliable IP datagram service, we wouldn t have the headache of reliable IP multicast. But apparently we cannot convert the world of routers to be connection-oriented overnight. Nonetheless, it s a promising approach. We cannot change all the routers, but we can add to them. In other words, we can deploy intelligent nodes at strategic locations of the current IP network to perform connection-oriented reliable data transfer among them. These intelligent nodes form an overlay network. Among the interesting things these intelligent nodes may be capable of is the ability to receive one datastream and forward it to multiple downstream peers. This is very similar to how the routers perform IP multicast. While routers do it to IP datagrams (hence unreliably), here, both receiving and sending are performed reliably using TCP, by the overlay nodes. This is called the application layer multicast. As such, the term application layer multicast refers to the service of one-to-many and/or many-to-many data transfer (just like IP multicast) by utilizing general-purpose computers (instead of IP routers) in the middle of the network to replicate data to multiple receivers on the application layer (instead of IP layer). Application layer multicast is being used to deliver live streaming media or to preposition videos to branch of ces, and then provide live or on-demand streaming services to end users from their branch of ce [53,54].
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female leaders has been concluded. And in Europe, a textbook in political communication (De Landtsheer, 2004) with a distinctively Millonian perspective and personality profiles of Dutch and Belgian leaders has been published. The mark of Millon has transcended clinical science and crossed the threshold of adjacent disciplines in ways that even Theodore Millon could not have anticipated 35 years ago when Modern Psychopathology burst on the scene and forever changed the landscape of modern psychology.
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Issuing Room Key
FIGURE 4-2: Navigate to hidden directories in the Open and Save panels.
The potential for groupthink exists in any group context, informal as well as formal, but the most intriguing examples concern decisions with far-reaching consequences by people normally considered the best and the brightest. Janis (1982) analyzed several such situations, including the Bay of Pigs invasion during the Kennedy administration, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the Vietnam War. Janis identi ed several common factors in these instances. In each case, crucial decisions were made in small groups whose members had considerable respect and liking for one another. Positive regard is certainly preferable to disinterest or disrespect, of course, but it can also serve to inhibit criticism and close examination of one another s suggestions. The group members also tended to exhibit collective rationalization, systematically discrediting or ignoring all information contrary to the prevailing group sentiment. They also tended to develop strong feelings that their mission (e.g., invading Cuba, implementing a massive troop build-up in South Vietnam) was moral and that the opposite side was not only immoral but also stupid. To further cocoon the group, self-appointed mind-guards precluded members from accessing information that was inconsistent with the party line. The upshot is something akin to tunnel vision, in which a single perspective is seen as the only viable perspective not because of a rational assessment of the facts but because of the group s irrational espirit de corps. Group Polarization The groupthink phenomenon has rather straightforward implications for another phenomenon group polarization that was nonetheless considered surprising when rst noted by researchers (e.g., Stoner, 1961; Wallach, Kogan, & Bem, 1962). The conventional wisdom was that individuals in groups avoid going out on the proverbial limb, and thus tend to produce more common or popular opinions and recommendations (cf. F. H. Allport, 1924). It followed from this that a group decision is usually more conservative than the average of the decisions generated by group members individually. This assumption regarding group decision making is re ected in critics laments about the bland and often timid recommendations generated by committees in bureaucratic environments. When faced with making a decision, groups were assumed to inhibit boldness, subjugating the creative mind to the lowest common denominator of the group. What the research began to reveal, however, was quite the opposite tendency greater endorsement of risky decisions as a result of group discussion. This so-called risky shift is not surprising in light of theory and research on groupthink. If anything, the sense of
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