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In fact, this macro can be made even more efficient by using the With-End With construct:
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Monks (Eds.), Nurturing talent: Individual needs and social ability (pp. 43 57). Assen, The Netherlands: Van Gorcum. Vernacchia, R. A., McGuire, R. T., Reardon, J. P., & Templin, D. P. (2000). Psychosocial characteristics of Olympic track and field athletes. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 31, 5 23. Williams, J. M., Jerome, G. J., Kenow, L. J., Rogers, T., Sartain, T. A., & Darland, G. (2003). Factor structure of the Coaching Behavior Questionnaire and its relationship to athlete variables. Sport Psychologist, 17(1), 16 34. Wolfenden, L. E., & Holt, N. L. (2005). Talent development in elite junior tennis: Perceptions of players, parents, and coaches. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 17, 108 126. Zhang, J., Jensen, B. E., & Mann, B. L. (1997). Modification and revision of the Leadership Scale for Sport. Journal of Sport Behavior, 20(1), 105 121.
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Listing A-3 (continued)
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Listing 9-5: Using the duplicateMovieClip Action
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Most commands support a special set of arguments called options, which tell the command to behave in a certain way. Options usually start with a hyphen. For example, the a option tells ls to list all files, including those that start with a period, which is a Unix convention for hiding files. Figure 9-3 shows what happens when you give the ls a command.
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MHR (a) Frame control
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Figure 15-17: Use this dialog box to customize the Spreadsheet control.
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The code in the UserForm_Initialize procedure (which follows) creates a twodimensional array, and collects the information by looping through the sheets in the active workbook. It then transfers this array to the ListBox.
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he slogan for the 1980s Transformers toys and cartoons was More Than Meets the Eye. Similarly, Windows XP has more to offer than it might appear. Tucked away behind its familiar exterior are several powerful features that most XP users don t even know exist. To harness this power, follow the 5-minute xes in this chapter.
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When working with Linux, particularly on the command line (or console, or terminal whatever you want to call it), keep in mind that Linux exhibits case sensitivity. Combining uppercase and lowercase letters in the same filename produces separate files. For example, FILENAME, FiLeNaMe, and filename are three distinct files under Linux. Naming conventions for Linux packages may contain mixed case, while the actual utilities themselves may conform to all lowercase lettering. Do not be fooled by this.
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