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ParamArray can apply only to the last argument in the procedure s argument list. It is always a variant data type, and it is always an optional argument (although you don t use the Optional keyword).
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FIGURE 1-6: Roomba Discovery
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Membership of the SCRA includes psychologists and people from related disciplines such as psychiatry, social work, sociology, anthropology, public health, and political science, including teachers, researchers, and activists. Community psychology is concerned with healthy psychosocial development within an ecological perspective. It focuses on health promotion and disease prevention, rather than waiting for illness to develop and to diagnose and treat the symptoms. Education and training for health psychologists in the United States is offered using both models that will be described in turn. Among clinical service providers, education
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68 3. Levenberg et al. and Langer
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educational or clinical sections of AAAP) and because the division accepted as members only practicing school psychologists. The membership requirement limited the number of academics that could join the division, which also reduced its research contributions and scienti c image. Owing to these weaknesses and the general lack of a clear identity, the division did not share in the professional advancements of clinical and counseling psychology until the late 1960s. For example, the division did not achieve the status of awarding a diploma in school psychology as part of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) until 1968, nor did it share in accreditation until the beginning of the next period. Despite these weaknesses, the division accomplished many things. In 1953, the APA adopted a code of ethics, and the division was active in adapting the code to the needs of school practitioners. The division s convention programs and professional institutes were highly successful. It broadened membership to include academics and improved the status of nondoctoral members. A highlight of the period was the Thayer Conference of 1954, the proceedings of which were widely distributed (Cutts, 1955). The conference forged an identity for school psychology. It speci ed two levels of training and credentialing, with nondoctoral personnel expected to be under the supervision of doctoral-level school psychologists and to carry titles such as school psychological examiner. Subsequently, standards for preparation at two levels and efforts to accredit programs at two levels were implemented but with little success. Unlike clinical and counseling psychology, school psychology within the APA was unable to shed its nondoctoral practitioner advocacy, despite an allegiance to the doctoral requirement for full status as a psychologist. By the 1960s, fewer than 10% of the eld s practitioners held doctoral degrees, and most positions were lled by persons with master s degrees who wanted better national and state-level representation than the APA or its state af liates provided. The rst separate state association for school psychologists was formed in Ohio in 1943. By 1970, 17 states had separate associations for school psychologists. In 1968, the Ohio School Psychologists Association organized a conference in Columbus, Ohio, attended by representatives of several states who chose to establish in 1969 a separate national group, the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). In the same year, the Division of School Psychologists changed its name to School Psychology in order to re ect a broader representation of school psychology as a eld of study in addition to persons who worked as school psychologists.
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Lactic acid (2%, room temperature, 3 passes) NA
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the consumer is using a real address or not. Some important things to consider about delivery address veri cation are:  It doesn t validate that the consumer lives at the address; it just con rms that the address exists.  There is a much higher value for digitally delivered goods to make sure the consumer is not giving the merchant a bogus address.  It is good for ful llment and for issues with lots of returned shipments due to undeliverable addresses.  Some of these services will autocorrect addresses to make sure they work correctly.
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Use formula (A.10) to obtain the equivalent resistance R
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Research Opportunities in Health Psychology and Aging
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