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= |{x1 x2 . . . xn : K(x1 x2 . . . xn |n) < n k}| 2 n < 2n k 2 n = 2 k . (by Theorem 14.2.4) (14.47) (14.48)
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Bounding Box
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Development of Behavior 73
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Subject Index
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treatment effects. Importantly, the schedule in which followup is generally conducted (intervals determined in advance by the experimenters) may not provide patients with assistance at critical junctures (e.g., when facing a signi cant stressor or after experiencing a weight gain). Whether follow-up care should be tailored to each patient s progress rather than a xed interval schedule, and whether a more open format or drop-in approach may prove more useful for clients should be investigated. Finally, the decline in attendance at long-term follow-up sessions has proven a formidable obstacle to successful maintenance treatment. Thus, we need to develop ways to keep patients actively involved in the long-term management of their obesity.
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mapping having been restricted to Group level) during a hydrogeological survey. Re ecting the in uence of hydrogeological evidence, the boundaries of the various designated Formations correspond closely to those of the principal hydrostratigraphic units. This contrasts signi cantly with the lack of one-for-one correspondence between the lithologically and hydrogeologically de ned boundaries in a typical re-labeled stratigraphic sequence (e.g. Figure 1.9a).
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Appendix A
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