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The virtual path (VP) is a generic term for a bundle of virtual channel links; all the links in a bundle have the same endpoints. A VPI identi es a group of VC links, at
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Excel makes it easy for you to create new toolbars and modify existing toolbars. In fact, you may not even have to use VBA to work with toolbars, because you can do just about all your toolbar customization without it.
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At the merchant and nancial institution level, it can be seen as the ever-increasing implementation of company-speci c point solutions to try to convey a safer and more secure environment for these concerned consumers. For those consumers not fearful of transacting online, it can be seen as frustration with the ever-increasing invasiveness of merchant and nancial institution security protocols. These consumers are frustrated with the escalating security arms race effect of the marketplace. No two companies do it the same; solutions are fragmented, and consumers have to repeat security procedures for paying online over and over. For them they only see the inconvenience in the need to change passwords all the time, suffer through waiting periods, not be able to reuse old passwords, put in secret questions, or provide additional private information to complete a transaction. Fear creates the need for all parties to resolve the fear that to date has meant an increase in the complexity of interacting and transacting online. As previously discussed, fear has produced an increased number of merchant-based point solutions, but it has also increased consumer use of third-party security software packages. When you begin to combine merchant-point solution requirements and consumer security solution requirements, it is clear that there will ultimately be gaps that still remain, with no complete solution. Consumers don t want complexity; they just want to feel they are secure. Not only do they not want complexity, they are not typically in a position to understand and correctly respond to noti cations from security programs, fake web sites, and breach noti cations. Robert Kamerschen, vice president of Choicepoint, said that fewer than 10 percent of the 163,000 consumers affected by their data breach actually took advantage of the free credit-watch services offered.2 Microsoft reported in May 2009 that 88 percent of users chose to ignore warnings about BearShare, 68 percent ignored a warning about adware ZangoSearch, and 23 percent ignored warnings about a Trojan downloader.3
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Radio age navigation and positioning history, 12 14 Radio Data System, 356 Radio frequency identi cation (RFID), 290 detection positioning, 393 non-GNSS indoor positioning problem and main techniques, 290 positioning, 290t Radio Navigation Satellite Services (RNSS), 59, 60 Radio signal strength, 108, 284 non-GNSS positioning systems outdoor techniques, 114 time measurements, 35 RAIM. See Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) Rapid static mode, 231 Real-time kinematics mode, 231 Real-time satellite navigation constellations navigation and positioning history, 23, 24 Received signal strength, 278 Bluetooth system, 291 map, 292f WLAN positioning, 291 Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM), 261 Receivers, 214f architecture, 215f civilian users, 353 Doppler shift, 310 geometrical distribution, 257f super-heterodyne architecture, 215 Reception, 201 Re ective mirrors navigation techniques, 8 Regional augmentation systems, 230 Repeater positioning, 327t global characteristics, 327 Repeaters GNSS-based indoor positioning, 334 340 pseudolites, 328 research programs, 328 RFID. See Radio frequency identi cation (RFID) RnS approach, 320 repeater con guration, 320f
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This attack requires both the ciphertext and the plaintext message. Because of this unlikely scenario, some people consider this attack theoretical. After all, if you have both pieces, why bother to crack the algorithm at all Those who are devoted to it take crypto very seriously. The mere fact that this attack is possible caused them to stop using Double DES. Theoretical or not, the fact that there is a successful attack is reason enough not to use the algorithm.
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When large numbers of undesirable microorganisms are present in raw, contaminated cooked, or fermented food supplies, they compete with the space and utilization of the food s nutrients; these are considered to be spoilage microorganisms. Occasionally, the
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h(aX) = h(X) + log |a|.
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Appendix Long Code Listings
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