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This type of argument is a special case of Occam s Razor, a general principle governing scienti c research, weighting possible explanations by their complexity. William of Occam said Nunquam ponenda est pluralitas sine necesitate : Explanations should not be multiplied beyond necessity [516]. In the end, we choose the simplest explanation that is consistent with the data observed. For example, it is easier to accept the general theory of relativity than it is to accept a correction factor of c/r 3 to the gravitational law to explain the precession of the perihelion of Mercury, since the general theory explains more with fewer assumptions than does a patched Newtonian theory. 14.11 KOLMOGOROV COMPLEXITY AND UNIVERSAL PROBABILITY We now prove an equivalence between Kolmogorov complexity and universal probability. We begin by repeating the basic de nitions. K(x) = PU (x) =
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Even though the assets in inventory for most hospitality operations are only a small proportion of total assets, many individual products in those inventories (such as bottles of quality wine and expensive containers of food products) are valuable to dishonest employees, who might be tempted to remove them from the establishment for personal consumption or even to sell them for personal gain.
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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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Essentials of Error-Control Coding
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Goll, D. E., V. F. Thompson, R. G. Taylor, and T. Zalewska. 1992. Is calpain activity regulated by membranes and autolysis or by calcium and calpastatin BioEssays 14:549 556. Goll, D. E., V. F. Thompson, H. Li, W. Wei, and J. Cong. 2003. The calpain system. Physiological Reviews 83:731 801. Goll, D. E., G. Neti, S. W. Mares, and V. F. Thompson. 2008. Myo brillar protein turnover: The proteasome and the calpains. Journal of Animal Science 86(14):E19 E35. Guroff, G. 1964. Biosynthesis of phenylalanine hydroxylase cofactor by cell-free extracts of Pseusomonas sp. (ATCC 11299a). BBA General Subjects 90:623 624. Guttmann, R. P., J. S. Elce, P. D. Bell, J. C. Isbell, and G. V. W. Johnson. 1997. Oxidation inhibits substrate proteolysis by calpain I but not autolysis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 272:2005 2012. Guttmann, R. P., and G. V. Johnson. 1998. Oxidative stress inhibits calpain activity in situ. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273:13331 13338. Harris, S. E., E. Huff-Lonergan, S. M. Lonergan, W. R. Jones, and D. Rankins. 2001. Antioxidant status affects color stability and tenderness of calcium chloride-injected beef. Journal of Animal Science 79:666 677. Hasselgren, P. O. 1999. Role of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in sepsis-induced muscle catabolism. Molecular Biology Reports 26:71 76. Hattori, A., and K. Takahashi. 1979. Studies on the postmortem fragmentation of myo brils. Journal of Biochemistry 85:47 56. Hattori, A., and K. Takahashi. 1988. Localization of paratropomyosin in skeletal muscle myo brils and its translocation during postmortem storage of muscles. Journal of Biochemistry 103:809 814. Hayashi, C., Y. Ono, N. Doi, F. Kitamura, M. Tagami, R. Mineki, T. Arai, H. Taguchi, M. Yanagida, S. Hirner, D. Labeit, S. Labeit, and H. Sorimachi. 2008. Multiple molecular interactions implicate the connectin/titin N2A region as a modulating scaffold for p94/ calpain 3 activity in skeletal muscle. Journal of Biological Chemistry 283:14801 14814. Herrera-Mendez, C. H., S. Becila, A. Boudjellal, and A. Ouali. 2006. Meat ageing: Reconsideration of the current concept. Trends in Food Science & Technology 17:394 405. Herring, H. K., R. G. Cassens, and E. J. Briskey. 1965. Further studies on bovine muscle tenderness as in uenced by carcass position, sarcomere length, and ber diameter. Journal of Food Science 30:1049 1054. Herring, H. K., R. G. Cassens, G. G. Suess, V. H. Brungardt, and E. J. Briskey. 1967. Tenderness and associated characteristics of stretched and contracted bovine muscles. Journal of Food Science 32:317 323. Hoagland, R., C. N. McBryde, and W. C. Powick. 1917. Changes in fresh beef during cold storage above freezing. USDA Bulletin No. 433, Washington, D.C. Hopkins, D. L., and J. M. Thompson. 2001. Inhibition of protease activity. Part 1. The effect on tenderness
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TABLE 25.1 (Continued) Congresses Societies 1875 Events William James founded the rst U.S. demonstration laboratory of psychology equipment at Harvard University in conjunction with the course he taught on the relationship between physiology and psychology. The rst Italian laboratory for work in psychology was established in the Liceo di Mantova. Wilhelm Wundt established the rst psychology laboratory at the University of Leipzig. G. Stanley Hall founded the rst formal U.S. psychology laboratory at The Johns Hopkins University. The University Trustees allocated $250 for space and equipment but, due to campus politics, prohibited calling the facility a laboratory. In uenced by Darwin s theories, Sir Fancis Galton set up an anthropometric laboratory that conducted measurements of the physical and mental characteristics of nearly 10,000 persons. Vladimir S. Bekhterev founded Russia s rst laboratory of experimental psychology at the University of Kazan. Alfred Lehman, an engineer who studied with Wundt, opened the Psychophysical Laboratory (renamed the Psychological Laboratory in 1924) at the University of Copenhagen. Yujiro Motora gave the rst psychology lecture in Japan at Tokyo University. The French government established the country s rst psychological laboratory. The rst Russian psychology journal, Problems of Philosophy and Psychology, was published. Mind, the rst philosophical psychology journal, began publication in Britian. Publications
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Essentials of Error-Control Coding
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