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Part III Understanding Visual Basic for Applications
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<p> </p> </body> </html> Note that the layout (with tabs and alignment) is purely for readability - XHTML doesn t require it.
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How Do I Evaluate Circular Representations in My Domain of Interest
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Tissue Engineering: Basic Considerations
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Many years ago, while working for Integrated System Corporation (ironically, a real-time operating system vendor and embedded systems integrator), the team I worked with was treated to an off-site meeting at our manager s beach house. As part of the work portion of the trip, he invited a speaker to discuss various topics with us, including how to sell a product. This speaker made a simple, yet for many companies, elusive point which has been forever indelibly imprinted in my brain. He said that no customer will care how high-tech a product is, how state-of-the-art the software behind it is, or how sexy the user interface is, if that customer does not get some benefit from using the product. In short, we won t care about the space-age metal used in a new line of ballpoint pen if it leaks ink all over our clothes. Most Windows CE products suffer from such feature distraction. And nowhere is the problem more pronounced than in the area of Windows CE application user interface design. A trend is evolving where companies place more power and decision-making authority in the hands of user interface design teams than in the hands of the very engineering teams that must make products a reality. Time and again, features are insisted upon which, given the current limitations of Windows CE, draw out development schedules and cause deadlines to slip. And worse, such features are sometimes added to product requirements without a single potential customer expressing a desire for the feature. The result is late products that are user interface intensive and far too difficult to use by the inexperienced customers to whom they are supposed to appeal. Ironically, the most successful PC companion product to date, the PalmPilot, is not based on Windows CE. It has a very boring text-based user interface. But users love it. The reason is that the PalmPilot only tries to do a few things for the user. And the tasks it does do are very easy to perform. My wife used my PalmPilot for the first time to look up the phone number of our doctor. In ten seconds, she found the phone number she needed. That s a product benefit. While writing and testing the applications in this book on Handheld and Palm-size PCs, I occasionally handed the devices over to my wife so she could see what was distracting me from spending more time with her. Just figuring out how to launch these applications required the assistance of the author of an entire book about Windows CE.
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FIGURE 7-1: Processing on Mac OS X
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