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meanings and practices. Cultural meanings and practices are themselves understood to be dependent on the subjectivity of communities of intentional agents. By affecting individuals understandings and intentions, cultural meanings and practices, in turn, are recognized to have a qualitative impact on the development of psychological phenomena and to be integral to the formulation of basic psychological theory. The goal of the present chapter is to highlight some of the insights for understanding personality and social psychology that emerge from a consideration of the cultural grounding of psychological processes. The rst section of the chapter considers factors that have contributed to the downplaying of culture in mainstream social psychology and the assumptions that guided some of the earliest research in the traditions of cross-cultural psychology. In the second section, consideration is given to key conceptual developments underlying cultural psychology, recent empirical ndings that illustrate the existence of cultural variation in basic social psychological processes, and challenges for future theory and research. In conclusion, consideration is given to the multiple contributions of a cultural perspective in psychology. APPROACHES TO CULTURE IN MAINSTREAM SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY AND IN EARLY CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY The present section provides an overview of shifts in the role accorded to culture in psychological theory over time, and it outlines some of the changing conceptual understandings and
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Table 25.2 Schema Modes
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Leverage, 49 Likelihood function, 158 Locus, 240 Logistic regression, 155 203 assumption of linearity, 174 177 higher order terms to handle nonlinearity, 183 189 inference: are the predictors signi cant , 161 162 deviance, 160 saturated model, 160 Wald test, 161 interpreting logistic regression model, 162 174 for a continuous predictor, 170 174 for a dichotomous predictor, 163 166 for a polychotomous predictor, 166 170 odds, 162 odds ratio, 162 reference cell coding, 166 relative risk, 163 standard error of the coef cients, 165 166 interpreting logistic regression output, 159 maximum likelihood estimation, 158 likelihood function, 158 log likelihood, 158 maximum likelihood estimators, 158 multiple logistic regression, 179 183 simple example of, 156 168 conditional mean, 156 157 logistic regression line, 156 157 logit transformation, 158 sigmoidal curves, 157 summary of logistic regression chapter, 197 199 validating the logistic regression model, 189 193 WEKA: hands-on analysis using logistic regression, 194 197 zero-cell problem, 177 179 Logistic regression line, 156 157 Logit transformation, 158 Mallows C p statistic, 131 Maximum a posteriori classi cation (MAP), 206 215 Maximum likelihood estimation, 158
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Sheets( Chart1 ).ChartTitle.Characters.Text = YTD Sales
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In this regard, Glad (1996), writing about the collapse of the communist state in the Soviet Union and the apartheid state in South Africa, has shown convincingly that the personal qualities of leaders can play a critical role at turning points in history. Scholarly Skepticism and Inadequate Conceptual and Methodological Tools Despite the conviction of personality-in-politics practitioners in the worth of their endeavor, the study of personality in politics is not without controversy (see Lyons, 1997, pp. 792 793, for a concise review of controversies over the presidential personality approach ). Greenstein (1969, pp. 33 62) offered an incisive critique of two erroneous and three partially correct objections to the study of personality in politics, lamenting that the study of personality in politics was not a thriving scholarly endeavor, principally because scholars who study politics do not feel equipped to analyze personality in ways that meet their intellectual standards. . . . [thus rendering it primarily] the preserve of journalists (p. 2). The optimistic verdict more than three decades later is that political personality has taken root and come of age as a scholarly endeavor, as evidenced by the inclusion of the present chapter in this volume. Inadequate Transposition From Source to Target Discipline Although the enterprise of studying personality in politics has largely succeeded in countering common objections to its usefulness, it has been hampered by inadequate transposition from the source discipline of personality assessment to the target discipline of political psychology. For political personality inquiry to remain a thriving scholarly endeavor and
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Reed Solomon Codes
user inputs information into the text box, Flash stores the data until the user clicks the Submit button. Figure 15-5 shows input text box parameters being modified in the Property inspector.
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