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This is one of the more dif cult types of fraud to detect and prevent. In a one hit one merchant scheme, fraudsters will acquire a credit card pro le and make a single purchase from only one merchant site and dispose of the credit card number. They will not reuse the site again, or if they do, it will only occur after very long periods, greater than three months. In the case of one hit multiple merchants the fraudsters are making more than one purchase on the credit card itself, but they are making one purchase from each of several different vendors rather than multiple purchases from the same vendor. Fraudsters will also typically be drawn to very highly fenceable goods: electronics, jewelry, mobile phones, computer goods, and gift cards. Number of Purchases: 1 Billing and Shipping Address: Typically different; the shipping address will typically be a drop point or abandoned point Shipping Method: Express Shipping Phone: Bogus, or the real consumer s number
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n its simplest form, a day planner is just a collection of two kinds of information: dates and notes. Movable Type is very good at managing this kind of information. The goal of this chapter is to restructure that content into a functioning day planner. It s just a matter of some clever tag and template work. Without any help, Movable Type enables you to enter dated entries into a weblog that can be output into monthly, weekly, and daily archives. This gets you a long way toward your day planner functionality, but MT needs help in a few areas. First, MT doesn t have a way to handle recurring events. Second, one of the views that you want to produce is a daily view showing all of the hours of the day, with the day s events properly interspersed. MT can t produce a view like that by itself. You ll need to utilize a plugin to produce this view as well as to handle recurring entries. Why would you want to use Movable Type to create a day planner or calendar There are certainly better and more natural ways to go about maintaining a calendar. Isn t this better left to an application written specifically for this purpose Perhaps, but there are advantages to having a MT-powered calendar: It s web-based and web-hosted. Because it is hosted on the web, your calendar is accessible to everyone and from anywhere. You can control who has access to it or leave it wide open for all to see. Multiple authors provide collaboration. If you set it up for multiple users, your planner weblog can include the event information for everyone in your family, or your department at work, or your softball teammates. The power of publish and subscribe. You can publish your calendar information in a variety of ways for example, an Atom, RSS, and/or vCalendar/iCalendar feed that keeps everyone in sync.
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