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The Future of Interpersonal Theory
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Figure 3-6
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You may want to program toolbar autosensing for your application. For example, you might want to make a toolbar visible only when a certain worksheet is activated or when a cell in a particular range is activated. Thanks to Excel s support for events, this sort of programming is relatively easy. The procedure in Listing 22-1 creates a toolbar when the workbook is opened and uses one of its worksheets SelectionChange events to determine whether the active cell is contained in a range named ToolbarRange. If so, the toolbar is made visible; if not, the toolbar is hidden. In other words, the toolbar is visible only when the active cell is within a specific range of the worksheet. This procedure, which is called by the Workbook_Open procedure, creates a simple toolbar named AutoSense. The four toolbar buttons are set up to execute procedures named Button1, Button2, Button3, and Button4. Note that, before creating the toolbar, the code deletes the existing toolbar of the same name (if it exists).
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B.6 Properties of Extended Galois Fields GF(2m )
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baudmode 32 == 19200 8N1, not inverted BAUDFAST CON 32 baudmode 396 == 2400 8N1, not inverted BAUDSLOW CON 396 define some Roomba constants R_START CON 128 R_BAUD CON 129 R_CONTROL CON 130 R_FULL CON 132 R_POWER CON 133 R_SPOT CON 134 R_CLEAN CON 135 R_DRIVE CON 137 R_MOTORS CON 138 R_SONG CON 140 R_PLAY CON 141 R_SENSORS CON 142 sensor bytes for data packet 1 SENS_BUMPWHEEL VAR BYTE SENS_WALL VAR BYTE
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Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels
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called the father of scienti c psychiatry because he introduced case histories and maintained records for his patients and because he tried to develop a nosology, advocated humane treatment for the mentally ill. A famous picture of Pinel striking off the chains of an unfortunate patient is depicted in many books on abnormal psychology and psychiatry. Contrary to legend, Pinel was not the rst to unchain the insane. In England, a Quaker tea merchant, William Tuke (1732 1822), established the York Retreat, where kindness and decency in a rural setting were provided for the disturbed. In Italy, Vincinzo Chiarugi opposed restraints and cruel measures, and in the United States, Eli Todd urged physicians to practice moral treatment and established the Retreat in Hartford. Social reformers, such as Dorothea Dix, advocated the building of mental hospitals to provide humane care for the mentally ill, and during the nineteenth century more than 30 state institutions, as well as asylums in Europe, were erected as a direct result of her efforts. By the middle of the nineteenth century, moral treatment was being employed at a number of mental hospitals amid enthusiastic reports of high recovery and discharge rates. During this same period, the profession of psychiatry was also growing. The Association of Medical Superintendents of asylums for the insane, the precursor of the American Psychiatric Association, was founded in 1844, about the same time as similar organizations were founded in France and England. Its major publication was the American Journal of Insanity, which became the American Journal of Psychiatry, now in 2002 is in its 159th consecutive year of publication. Breakthroughs were occurring in the scienti c determination of the etiologies of a variety of mental disorders. In 1826, the French physician Antoine L. Bayle found an association between general paresis of the insane, a psychotic condition that led to dementia and paralysis, and chronic in ammation of the meninges. Richard von Krafft-Ebing s experiments demonstrated that paresis was caused by syphilis. Sergei Korsakov reported the harmful effects of chronic alcoholism on brain functioning. Karl Wernicke studied the effects of lesions in different areas of the brain and different forms of language disturbances or aphasias. It seemed to Emil Kraepelin, and to many other psychiatrists, that what was needed was the determination of the syndromes of speci c disorders, research into their etiologies and their natural courses, and the development of their speci c treatments. For a detailed review of this period, see Alexander and Selesnik s History of Psychiatry (1966). Therefore, toward the end of the nineteenth century, the attitude toward moral treatment changed. Mental hospitals began to be seen mainly as custodial institutions for the mentally ill, who required further scienti c study until appropriate
To enter the same data into each cell of a range, select the range, enter the
We now bound the size of k for a given n. Let nk n < nk+1 . Then n nk = (k 1)2k+1 + 2 2k , and therefore k log n. Moreover, n nk+1 = k2k+2 + 2 (k + 2)2k+2 (log n + 2)2k+2 , by (13.89), and therefore k + 2 log n , log n + 2 (13.91) (13.90) (13.89) (13.88)
Eggs laid
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