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Creating a soundtrack Looping a soundtrack Using streaming sound Creating a Sound object Using methods of the Sound object project: Creating a sound controller
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Ebraheem, A.M., Riad, S., Wycisk, P., and El-Nasr, A.M.S., 2002, Simulation of impact of present and future groundwater extraction from the non-replenished Nubian Sandstone Aquifer in southwest Egypt. Environmental Geology, 43: 188 196. Eckhardt, K. and Ulbrich, U., 2003, Potential impacts of climate change on groundwater recharge and stream ow in a central European low mountain range. Journal of Hydrology, 284: 244 252. Eden, W.J., 1971, Landslides in clays. Canadian Building Digest, 143: 4pp. Edmunds, W.M. and Tyler, S.W., 2002, Unsaturated zones as archives of past climates: towards a new proxy for continental regions. Hydrogeology Journal, 10: 216 228. Edmunds, W.M., Fellman, E., Goni, I.B., and Prudhomme, C., 2001, Spatial and temporal distribution of groundwater recharge in northern Nigeria. Hydrogeology Journal, 10: 205 215. Elliot, T., Andrews, J.N., and Edmunds, W.M., 1999, Hydrochemical trends, palaeorecharge and groundwater ages in the ssured Chalk aquifer of the London and Berkshire Basins, UK. Applied Geochemistry, 14: 333 363. Elliot, T., Chadha, D.S., and Younger, P.L., 2001, Water quality impacts and palaeohydrogeology in the Yorkshire Chalk aquifer, UK. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 34: 385 398. Elliott, C.R.N., Dunbar, M.J., Gowing, I., and Acreman, M.C., 1999, A habitat assessment approach to the management of groundwater dominated rivers. Hydrological Processes, 13: 459 475. Environment Agency, 2003, Guidance on Monitoring of Land ll Leachate, Groundwater and Surface Water. Environment Agency (England and Wales), Bristol. Environmental Protection Authority, 2003, Consideration of Subterranean Fauna in Groundwater and Caves During Environmental Impact Assessment in Western Australia. (Guidance for the assessment of environmental factors, Western Australia in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1986.) No. 54. Government of Western Australia, Perth. European Commission, 2001, EUR19400 Arti cial Recharge Of Groundwater Final Report. Of ce for Of cial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Ewen, J., 1996a, SAMP model for water and solute movement in unsaturated porous media involving thermodynamic subsystems and moving packets: 1. Theory. Journal of Hydrology, 182: 175 194. Ewen, J., 1996b, SAMP model for water and solute movement in unsaturated porous media involving thermodynamic subsystems and moving packets: 2. Design and application. Journal of Hydrology, 182: 195 207. Fairbridge, R.W., 1998, Water: categories. In: Herschy, R.W. and Fairbridge, R.W., (eds) Encyclopaedia of Hydrology and Water Resources. Kluwer Academic, Boston, pp. 687 688. Fetter, C.W., 1999, Contaminant hydrogeology, 2nd edn. Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Fetter, C.W., 2001, Applied Hydrogeology, 4th edn. Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Figueroa Vega, G.E., 1984, Case History No. 9.8: Mexico, D.F., Mexico. In: Poland, J.F., (ed.) Guidebook to Studies of Land Subsidence Due to Ground-water Withdrawal. UNESCO, Paris, pp. 217 232. Findlay, S. and Sobczak, W.V., 2000, Microbial communities in hyporheic sediments. In: Jones. J.B. and Mulholland, P.J. (eds) Streams and Ground Waters. Academic Press, San Diego, pp. 287 306. Forchheimer, P., 1930, Hydraulik, 3rd edn. Teubner, Leipzig/Berlin. Ford, A., 1999, Modeling the Environment: an introduction to system dynamics models of environmental systems. Island Press, Washington DC. Ford, D.C. and Williams, P.W., 1989, Karst Geomorphology and Hydrology. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Forn s, J. and Llamas, M.R., 2001, Con icts between groundwater abstraction for irrigation and wetland conservation: achieving sustainable development in the La Mancha H meda Biosphere Reserve (Spain). In: Griebler, C., Danielopol, D.L., Gibert, J., Nachtnebel, H.P., and Notenboom, J. (eds) Groundwater Ecology: a tool for management of water resources. (Document EUR 19877.) Of ce for Of cial Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg, pp. 263 275. Forth, R.A., 1994, Ground settlement and sinkhole development due to the lowering of the water table in the Bank Compartment, South Africa. In: Oliveira, R., Rodrigues, L.F., Coelho, A.G., and Cunha, A.P. (eds), Proceedings of the 7th Congress of the International Association of Engineering Geologists. Lisbon, Portugal, 5 9 September 1994, Balkema, Rotterdam, pp. 2933 2940.
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the person is unsure of his or her standing among the fellow concert-goers, the person s conformity could be driven by desires for approval or fears of ridicule. If the person is unfamiliar with classical music, however, the behavior of others might provide all-important clues about the quality of the performance. Normative in uence is especially salient when the group controls material or psychological rewards important to the person (e.g., Crutch eld, 1955), when the behavior is public rather than private (e.g., Insko, Drenan, Solomon, Smith, & Wade, 1983), or when the person is especially eager for approval (Crowne & Marlowe, 1964). Someone attending the concert with prospective colleagues, for instance, may be especially inclined to match their behavior, particularly if he or she is uncertain about their interest in his or her job candidacy and the concert hall has good lighting. The salience of informational in uence in turn depends on the person s con dence in his or her own judgment, and on the person s judgment of how well-informed the group is. Thus, a classical music neophyte who sees tuxedo-clad audience members leap to their feet upon completion of the Rach 3 (Rachmaninoff s third piano concerto) is more likely to follow suit than if he or she instead sees the same behavior by school children. A graduate of Julliard, meanwhile, is unlikely to mimic such behavior in either case. Informational in uence tends also to take precedence, not surprisingly, when the judgment task is particularly dif cult or ambiguous (e.g., Coleman, Blake, & Mouton, 1958). Even in the Asch situation, conformity is increased when the lines are closer in length and thus harder to judge (Asch, 1952), and when judgments are made from memory rather than from direct perception of the lines (Deutsch & Gerard, 1955), presumably because our memories are considered more fallible than are our immediate perceptions. Groupthink Conformity clearly serves important functions, but like every other adaptation, there are downsides as well. A particularly troublesome aspect of conformity is groupthink (Janis, 1982). Janis borrowed this term from George Orwell s 1984 to refer to a mode of thinking dominated by a concern for reaching and maintaining consensus, as opposed to making the best decision under the circumstances. Groupthink essentially entails a deterioration of mental ef ciency, reality testing, and moral judgment that results from group pressure (Janis, 1982, p. 9). Rather than examining all possible courses of action, people in the grips of groupthink expend their mental energy on achieving and maintaining group solidarity and opinion unanimity.
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A workbook that contains both the recorded macro and the cleaned up macro is included on the companion CD-ROM so you can compare the performance.
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Roles and Responsibilities
Hofmann et al. and Meinel
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