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Although Table 2.1 and Figure 2.1 provide interesting empirical evidence for the maximum and minimum ratios of recharge to rainfall, inspection of these sources of summary information does not in itself advance our understanding of the actual processes by which recharge occurs in different
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since X and Y are independent. Thus, we have a new statement of the entropy power inequality. Theorem 17.8.1 (Restatement of the entropy power inequality) two independent random variables X and Y , h(X + Y ) h(X + Y ), For
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The custom functions that you develop in VBA also can have optional arguments. You specify an optional argument by preceding the argument s name with the keyword Optional. In the argument list, optional arguments must appear after any required arguments. The following is an example of a custom function that uses an optional argument. This function randomly chooses one cell from an input range and returns the cell s contents. If the second argument is True, the selected value changes whenever the worksheet is recalculated (that is, the function is made volatile). If the second argument is False (or omitted), the function is not recalculated unless one of the cells in the input range is modified.
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Luminosity Measurements
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$559,113 ( 206,313) $352,800 ( 362,800) ($ 10,000) $ 10,000 -0-
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$ export CVSROOT= :pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net: $ /usr/bin/cvs -d ${CVSROOT}/cvsroot/xmltv login $ /usr/bin/cvs -z3 d ${CVSROOT}/cvsroot/xmltv
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Professional issues. Ethical issues. Counseling skills. Management skills.
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Don t confuse the AddInInstall event with the Open event. The AddInInstall event occurs only when the add-in is first installed. If you need to execute code every time the add-in is opened, use a Workbook_Open procedure. For additional information about events, see 19.
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training tickler le, a database that keeps track of training sessions and alerts trainers to important upcoming dates for each new employee, listing the name of the training session, date of the session, comments, and date for follow-up. Figure 12-2 demonstrates how this management tool can be used. This type of information can be processed in a separate database program on the PMS or maintained in an index card le. The follow-up completes the training session because it provides the feedback the trainee needs to meet the behavioral objective. It also assures management that the skills necessary to deliver hospitality have been planned, demonstrated, practiced, and mastered.
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progressive condition, there remains great variability in the subjective experience of the disease. Some patients with radiographically con rmed advanced disease report few symptoms, whereas some patients with mild but detectable disease activity report a great deal of pain and activity limitation (Pincus et al., 1984). Thus, the biopsychosocial diathesis factors discussed in this chapter may serve as moderators of the relationship between radiographic evidence of joint damage and the person s experience. As in RA, there exist many epidemiological and clinical risk factors for the development and prognosis of OA. First, the prevalence of OA increases dramatically with age (Lawrence et al., 1998). However, there is evidence that younger individuals with OA suffer from more psychological disability and pain, whereas older individuals experience more physical disability (Weinberger, Tierney, Booher, & Hiner, 1990). This nding underscores the importance of considering psychosocial in addition to biological factors when evaluating OA prognosis. Second, although women are at greater overall risk, men and women are vulnerable to different forms of OA. For instance, women tend to develop knee and hand OA whereas men are more likely to develop hip OA (Lawrence et al., 1998; Mankin, 1993). Furthermore, women are more likely than men to develop generalized OA, which is a more widespread form of OA. Thus, gender appears to affect the clinical presentation of OA. In addition to epidemiological risk factors, there also exist clinical risk factors for OA. Among these are skeletal structure abnormalities and obesity (Kraus, 1997). The role of these risk factors for development of OA is best understood with a diathesis-stress approach. For instance, neither skeletal structure abnormalities nor obesity alone is suf cient for development of OA. Instead, these clinical risk factors may interact with one another to produce OA. For example, an individual with a congenital skeletal structural abnormality may not develop OA unless he or she experiences an injury or stresses a structurally vulnerable joint with a lifetime of excess weight. Genetic in uences are not limited to RA. In OA, genetics have been hypothesized to in uence different aspects of the disease process. For instance, results of some studies indicate that individuals with OA inherit genes that either change the consistency of the cartilage (thus making it more vulnerable to destruction) or produce greater levels of cartilage-destroying enzymes (for review, see Kraus, 1997). Additionally, there appear to be genetic in uences on the type of OA that individuals develop. There is strong evidence for a genetic in uence on development of hand, spine, and generalized OA (Bijkerk et al., 1999; Felson et al., 1998). However, while genetics may increase the risk of developing
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