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Interconnection at Intermediate Frequency (IF)
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A critical point to remember is that all encryption is breakable. How will you know when you have successfully cracked the encryption With binary data, gibberish and the actual data could look very similar. If you know that you are trying to decrypt a text message it may be easy for a human to tell when he or she has cracked the scheme, but it might be hard for a computer to do so. Sometimes the hardest is part is figuring out how to determine when you can declare success. If you are trying to crack a .exe program, the real .exe code and the output of unsuccessful cracks will look the same.
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A similar attack was popular on UNIX systems a while back. Originally the etc/passwd file contained both the user IDs and associated encrypted passwords. If attackers wanted to gain root access (which is essentially God access on the computer) they needed to find out the root password. One way to accomplish this was to go in and create a new user account for which attackers created the password. They would then go into etc/passwd and take the encrypted value for the password for the account just created and copy it over the current value for root. (Usually attackers would save the original value of root so that they could put the system back to the way it was to cover their tracks). Essentially, attackers could change the password for the root without knowing what the original value was. Bottom line: There is no need to breach confidentiality in order to breach integrity.
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8. Click the OK button. 9. The My Computer icon will appear on your desktop. Double-click it. 10. The My Computer window opens. Find the icon that looks like a
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15 Advanced UserForm Techniques
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KeepDynamic.com/Data Matrix ECC200 Application-De ned Protocols If we want our JMS application (the collection of all the cooperating JMS Client instances) to accomplish any useful task, we need to consider the types of conversations our JMS Client instances participate in and the general rules (or grammar) that these conversations should follow. In other words, we are de ning the expected sequence of messages and the operations that we want to perform when those messages are produced and consumed. We loosely refer to these rules as a communication protocol, and since it is de ned by our application, we can call this an application-de ned protocol. In Figure 15.5, we see a conversation, but unless we know the application-de ned protocol for this situation, we cannot
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$15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 15,000 Total present value
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Note: Clicking on any of the speedometers would display underlying reports.
Elements of Information Theory, Second Edition, By Thomas M. Cover and Joy A. Thomas Copyright 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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