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User Interface
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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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New Classification Scheme
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L, R, T, and B align the movie along the left, right, top or bottom edge, respectively, of the
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Your UserForms can also use other ActiveX controls. See Customizing the Toolbox, later in this chapter.
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Conclusion: Tests of cognitive ability are used to answer a wide variety of important clinical questions. In addition to identifying overall intellectual skills and cognitive strengths and weaknesses, these tests are frequently employed to assess the presence of learning disabilities, predict academic success in school, examine brain dysfunction, and assess personality. Any competent psychologist must be cautious in the use of intellectual, neuropsychological, achievement, and all other forms of cognitive testing (Turner, DeMars, Fox, & Reed, 2001). Professionals must be aware of the limitations of the testing situation and the limitations of the particular test they have chosen. They must be careful to use tests for
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of purposes from drinking to irrigation. But how large is this proportion It is frequently claimed that groundwater accounts for between a quarter and a third of all water use worldwide. Other texts claim that more than a quarter of people worldwide rely on groundwater for drinking (e.g. Clarke and King 2004). However, it is dif cult to interpret what this claim might mean in
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It is of interest in this regard that contemporary cognitive psychologists often assume the existence of both bottom-up organizational tendencies and top-down directive tendencies (see, e.g., Holyoak & Spellman, 1993; Shastri & Ajjanagadde, 1993; Sloman, 1996; Smolensky, 1988). That view would seem to t a picture in which self-organization of action can occur, but where actions can also be planned and executed systematically, from the top down. Similar two-mode models of regulation have also appeared in several literatures in personality-social psychology (Chaiken & Trope, 1999). In short, there seems to be some degree of consensus that human experience is part self-organization and part self-regulation. Even when the focus is on planful behavior, the two kinds of models seem to complement each other in a different way. The feedback model provides a mechanism through which goal-directed action is managed, which the phase-space model lacks. The phase-space model suggests ways of thinking about how multiple goals exist and how people shift among those multiple goals over time, an issue that is not dealt with as easily in terms of feedback processes. That is, think of the landscape of chaotic attractors, but with many different basins rather than just two or three. This seems to capture rather well the sense of human behavior. No basin in this system ever becomes a point attractor. Behavior tends toward one goal and then another, never being completely captured by any goal. The person does one thing for a while, then something else. The goals are all predictable in the sense that they all in uence the person and the in uence is highly predictable when aggregated across time. But the shifts from one to another occur unpredictably (thus being chaotic). CATASTROPHE THEORY Another set of ideas that has been around for some time but may be reemerging in in uence is catastrophe theory, a mathematical model that bears on the creation of discontinuities, bifurcations, or splittings (Brown, 1995; Saunders, 1980; Stewart & Peregoy, 1983; van der Maas & Molenaar, 1992; Woodcock & Davis, 1978; Zeeman, 1977). A catastrophe occurs when a small change in one variable produces an abrupt (and usually large) change in another variable. An abrupt change implies nonlinearity. This focus on nonlinearity is one of several themes that catastrophe theory shares with dynamic systems theory, though the two bodies of thought have different origins (and are seen by some as quite different from each other see Kelso, 1995, chap. 2). The similarity is nicely expressed in the statement that the discontinuity in catastrophe theory re ects the sudden disappearance of one attractor and its basin, combined with the dominant emergence of another attractor (Brown, 1995, p. 51).
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implemented. In particular, they often support using a relational database management system (RDBMS) or proprietary at les. The starter kit includes several command scripts, con guration le excerpts, suggestions, and hints to make it easier to run the sample extension in these environments with some common con gurations.
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