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Part of the dissatisfaction within counseling psychology was caused by its comparison with clinical psychology, a profession that was growing at a fantastic rate. By that yardstick, any eld would have looked to be in trouble. There was concern from many in counseling that the eld should clearly distinguish itself from clinical psychology, whereas others suggested merging the training of the two elds while maintaining differences in the nature of practice. Traditional work in vocational guidance had been modi ed by the experiences of counseling psychologists in the VA and student personnel work in higher education. What emerged was a new specialty area that had as its focus the adjustment of the individual to the demands of everyday life, whether those demands were vocational, educational, or interpersonal. The emphasis on developmental processes of average individuals facing day-to-day life was seen as a clear contrast to the emphasis on psychopathology that was the bread and butter of the clinical psychologist.
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Illustrated TCP/IP by Matthew G. Naugle Wiley Computer Publishing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 0471196568 Pub Date: 11/01/98
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The format of a statement of capital will generally follow the format shown in Exhibit 2.10. The difference between a statement of capital and a statement of partnership capital is the use of a separate capital and withdrawal accounts for each partner. Distribution of partnership net income or net loss is based on the partnership agreement. Detail in the statement of partnership capital will generally follow the basic format shown in Exhibit 2.11.
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have bene cial effects on intestinal disorders. Another product is a sausage containing soy proteins. It is claimed that acceptable blood cholesterol levels can be maintained by consuming this product. In addition to the approved FOSHU products, meat products with additional functional food ingredients, such as bers, vegetable proteins, and minerals (e.g., calcium), have been developed in Japan. Soy proteins are popular vegetable proteins for their various health-enhancing activities (e.g., prevention of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and osteoporosis). A sausage with additional potato starch was developed in the United States (Pszczola et al. 2002). Such dietary bers improve intestinal micro ora as prebiotics, as described in a later section, and they contribute to the reduction of fat intake. Healthier lipid formulation is also a critical approach for developing meat-based functional foods. Technological options for replacement of meat fats with various nonmeat fats (i.e.,
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For example, the _x movie clip property indicates a movie clip s x axis position on the Stage. The expression ballMC._x refers to the _x property of the movie clip instance ballMC. As another example, submit is a variable set in the form movie clip, which is nested inside the movie clip shoppingCart. The expression shoppingCart.form.submit = true sets the submit variable of the instance form to true.
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informed by his earlier conceptualization of the stress process in sport (i.e., Smith, 1980) as well as social exchange theory (SET; Thibaut & Kelley, 1959). His sport-specific model (see Figure 28.2) has tended to be the most frequently cited in the extant sport burnout literature because of its conceptual clarity and substantial grounding in Maslach and Jackson s (1981) landmark conceptualization. There has been a reasonably long-standing interest in motivation as it relates to athlete burnout (Gould, 1996), and researchers have progressively considered a broader set of motivational explanations to understand the phenomenon. Self-determination theory (SDT; Deci & Ryan, 1985) and commitment perspectives (Schmidt & Stein, 1991) have received the most attention in recent years. In this section we comment briefly on each of these perspectives and describe examples of relevant extant research. Stress and Athlete Burnout Smith (1986, p. 37) described the most notable feature of athletic burnout as a psychological, emotional, and at times a physical withdrawal from a formerly pursued and enjoyable activity. His explanation of the genesis of this state of withdrawal was grounded in SET and evidence implicating chronic psychosocial stress as the causal agent producing the experiential syndrome afflicting health care
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Psychology as a Science
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