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A LITTLE HISTORY 87 A LITTLE PHILOSOPHY 88 MISSING DATA PATTERNS AND MECHANISMS 88 OLD (UNACCEPTABLE) PROCEDURES FOR ANALYSIS WITH MISSING DATA 89 Complete Cases Analysis (Listwise Deletion) 89 Pairwise Deletion 90 Mean Substitution 90 Regression-Based Single Imputation 91 Summary of Unacceptable Procedures 91 ACCEPTABLE MODEL-BASED MISSING DATA PROCEDURES 91 Multiple Group Structural Equation Modeling 91 Full-Information Maximum Likelihood for SEM 92 ACCEPTABLE DATA-BASED MISSING DATA PROCEDURES 93 EM Algorithm 93 Multiple Imputation 94 A COMPARISON OF MODEL-BASED AND DATA-BASED PROCEDURES 95 ILLUSTRATIONS OF MISSING DATA PROCEDURES: EMPIRICAL EXAMPLES 96 Participants and Missing Data Patterns 96 Measures 97 Data Quality Analysis with NORM 98
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22.1 INTRODUCTION A low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation consists of a set of satellites orbiting the Earth with high constant speed at a relatively low altitude (a few thousand kilometers) [1]. Each satellite is equipped with a fixed number of antennas that allow it to communicate with ground transmitters/receivers and with other satellites. One of the major advantages of LEO satellites (as opposed to geostationary GEO satellites) is that they are closer to the Earth s surface. This reduces the communication delay and the energy required to directly connect a user with a satellite. On the other hand, two major issues arise due to their low altitude. First, because a single satellite can only cover a small geographical area (called footprint) at the Earth s surface, many satellites are required to provide global coverage. Second, the footprint of each satellite moves continuously, implying a high mobility of the whole network, in contrast with other cellular systems. In the following, we will see how the topology of LEO constellations is limited by physical constraints. Then we will review how these factors have been taken into account in the design of routing and handover policies.
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Divide operation using the basic RA operations.
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are two parameters set by the user. In [6], it is assumed that
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To display the Actions panel, do one of the following:
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Figure 5-1
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