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De nitions of R and D.
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be transmitted to 200 file servers around the country. With unicast addressing, one could write a simple script that would initiate a file transfer to each of the 200 file servers. If the file is 2 MB in length, you now have a 400 MB file transfer that will unnecessarily consume both time and bandwidth. Enabling multicast would push that one file to the 200 file servers simultaneously, reducing the number of file transfers from 200 to 1, and the size of the file from 400 MB to 2 MB. One example in which multicast file transfer is used extensively is software distribution. Microsoft and other application companies upgrade their software at least twice a year a daunting task in large environments. If the upgrade is 20 MB and must be distributed to 50,000 desktops, it would require 1000 billion bytes to be delivered. Assuming the transfer occurs at 512,000 bits per second, the upgrade would take 180 days to complete. And just when you completed one upgrade, the next one is ready. However, using reliable multicasting, the file could be delivered to 50,000 desktops as a single stream. This means one transfer looks like 50,000. With multicast, the same transmission would complete in 5.2 hours. (This number assumes no real-time errors such as retransmissions. Retransmission costs are variable depending on the number of clients requesting, the status of the lines, etc.) Even so, the worst cost is less than 25 percent of the original pass. The example is theory, but if put into practice I believe that it would be around the number indicated. Even if it took 10 hours to complete, look at the alternative.
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KeepDynamic.com/ barcodes The Ddbms Subsystem In Table 19.3, we list the type names used by the Ddbms subsystem. This subsystem is implemented using wellknown server object activation for the concrete factory object, which is accessed via the abstract factory interface. This interface has a single method de ned within it ( CreateDdbms() ). This method creates a concrete product instance and returns it to the caller via the abstract product interface. Because both the concrete factory and the concrete product extend (inherit from) the MarshalByRefObject class, they actually return a proxy object and execute their methods on the server rather than in the caller s Application Domain (and physical machine in the case of a remote client and server). The abstract
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You can enter a name for the procedure that you are recording. By default, Excel uses the names Macro1, Macro2, and so on for each macro you record. I usually just accept the default name and change the name of the procedure later. You, however, may prefer to name the macro before you record it. The choice is yours.
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Thompson, M. S., 790, 791 Thompson, N. J., 383, 387, 392 Thompson, P. D., 570 Thompson, R., 53, 317, 352, 369, 371, 728 Thompson, S., 517, 830 Thompson, W., 252 Thomsen, S., 365 Thon, B., 165 Thonnard, J.-L., 743, 751 Thoren, P., 479 Thorkildsen, T., 7 Thorlindsson, T., 703, 861 Thorndike, E. L., 141, 192 Thorne, G., 565, 743 Thornton, B., 146, 147, 150 Thornton, D. C., 249 Thornton, J. S., 869 Thorsen, L., 587, 588 Thrash, T. M., 16, 17, 18 Thurstone, L. L., 739, 740 Tibshirani, R. J., 749 Tidy, J. A., 255 Tiessen, D. A., 172 Tiggemann, M., 829 Tijhuis, M., 495, 514, 600 Tilliss, T. S., 320 Timm, G., 742 Timmerman, M., 862 Tindale, R. S., 266, 268 Tinius, T. P., 299 Tinnelly, K., 584 Tinning, R., 613 Titchener, E. B., 246 Titus, W., 268 Tix, A., 363, 364 Tkachuk, G., 293 Tobar, D. A., 602, 608, 612 Tobin, S. S., 653 Tobin, V., 62, 548 Tod, D., 295 Todd, J. T., 229 Todd, P. M., 256 Tof ler, I. R., 315 Tokish, J. M., 869, 870 Tokunaga, M., 149 Tokushima, S., 149 Tomar, S. L., 871 Tomarken, A. J., 102 Tom s-Marco, I., 789, 791 Tomporowski, P., 86, 494, 603 Tonali, P., 848 Tong, L., 472 Tonnel, S., 147, 565 Tononi, G., 225 Tonymon, P., 8, 9, 381, 383, 384, 385, 386, 389, 391, 392, 398 Toogood, A., 293, 299 Toohey, J. V., 859, 866 Toole, T., 257, 458, 495 Toon, K., 118, 121 Toppinen, S., 626, 627 Torgerson, S. T., 740
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Figure 16-7: This page enables the user to remove spaces from the selected text.
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= 2n( D(Px ||Q) H (Px )) . Corollary If x is in the type class of Q, then Qn (x) = 2 nH (Q) .
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The embayed nature of many coastlines results in far longer aquifer/sea interfaces than one might suppose from the linear distance between two points along the coast. Hence, although Figure 3.6 appears to represent a section through a straight, linear fresh/saline groundwater interface, in plan view such interfaces will faithfully follow the shape of the coastline with all its twists and turns. Where an aquifer forms cliffs along the shoreline, coastal erosion processes can greatly enhance the permeability of the rocks in proximity to the cliff line, thus favoring convergence of groundwater on the coastline in preference to discharge to inland watercourses. Typical processes contributing to a localized increase in permeability include the formation of wave-cut caves, and the oversteepening of cliffs by basal erosion, leading to extensional deformation of the rock behind the cliff-line resulting in increased incidence of open fractures. The accumulation of coarse, clean sand deposits above rockhead in many coastal settings also provides a high-permeability medium at the coastal end of the aquifer, which further promotes convergence of groundwater on the coast.
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The awakeFromNib method gets Commando started. First, check to make sure there s a command name and an available shell to execute it. If not, provide helpful information and then bail out.
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KeepDynamic.com/3 of 9 barcode Byte-Range Operation HTTP/1.1 introduced the Range header to allow the client to download a range of bytes instead of the entire document. This permitted the client to recover from failed transfers and to perform multiple transfers of the same document at the same time. Further, a client with limited memory was able to use this feature to work with small parts of large documents without completely downloading it. Authentication HTTP/1.1 introduced the concept of digest authentication in addition to the basic authentication that was introduced in HTTP/1.0. The basic authentication model is based on the fact that the client needs to authenticate with a combination of username and a password for each realm, which are encoded in base64 format. The basic authentication access is not considered a secure method of user authentication since the username and password are transmitted in cleared text. HTTP/1.1 de ned the digest authentication model, which is identical to the basic authentication model except that they encrypted the username and password. Digest authentication only solved a serious aw of basic authentication but still fell short for encrypting, and therefore end-to-end securing, the message content. Caching In general, the goal of caching is to minimize the network roundtrip operation needed in order for the user agent to receive a response and, in some cases, to eliminate the needs to send full responses. Therefore, whether it is a user agent cache, a standalone cache or a server cache, the goal is to always provide a semantically transparent operation. In other words, and as shown in Figure 3.2, a semantic transparent cache will always provide the same exact resource as it is in the origin server; and if this is not the case, then the cache will fetch the resource from the origin server and update its content. This HTTP caching protocol is implemented through complex mechanisms, such as expiration models and document freshness. The
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