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Channel Frequency Table
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Hyyti l , Finland, a submicron nss-sulphate mass concentration of 270 ng m 3 was measured aa [111]. This is in good agreement with background marine concentrations [118].
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For this data set, the 80% 20% overbalancing ratio seemed optimal. The best classi cation model using this method was the logistic regression model, with a mean cost of $2.90 per customer. This increased to $2.96 per customer when the overparametrized variable lifestyle cluster was omitted. Model voting was investigated. The best combination model mailed a promotion only if at least three of the four classi cation algorithms predicted positive response. However, the mean cost per customer for this combination model was only $2.90 per customer. Thus, for the models including the principal components, the best model was the logistic regression model with 80% 20% overbalancing and a mean cost of $2.96 per customer. The best predictors using this model turned out to be the two principal components, purchasing habits and promotion contacts, along with the following variables: z days on le, z ln average spending per visit, z ln days between purchases, z ln product uniformity, z sqrt spending CC, Web buyer, z sqrt knit dresses, and z sqrt sweaters. Next came the non-PCA models, which should be used for prediction of the response only, not for pro ling. Because the original (correlated) variables are retained in the model, we expect the non-PCA models to outperform the PCA models with respect to overall cost per customer. This was immediately borne out in the results for the CART and C5.0 models using 50% balancing and 14.2 1 misclassi cation costs, which had mean costs per customer of $3.01 and $3.04, respectively. For the 80% 20% overbalancing ratio, C5.0 was the best model, with an overall mean cost of $3.15 per customer, with logistic regression second with $3.12 per customer. Again, model combination using voting was applied. The best voting model mailed a promotion only if at least two models predicted positive response, for an overall mean cost of $3.16 per customer. A second, continuous method for combining models was to work with the response probabilities reported by the software. The mean response probabilities were calculated, and partitions were assigned to optimize model performance. It was determined that the same level of pro ts obtained by the send to everyone model could also be obtained by contacting merely half of the prospective customers, as identi ed by this combination model. As it turns out the optimal partition is at or near 50% probability. In other words, suppose that we mailed a promotion to a prospective customer under the following conditions: Mail a promotion only if the mean response probability reported by the four algorithms is at least 51%. In other words, this continuous combination model will mail a promotion only if the mean probability of response reported by the four classi cation models is greater than half. This turned out to be the optimal model uncovered by any of our methods in this case study, with an estimated pro t per customer of $3.1744. Compared with the baseline performance, from the send to everyone model, of $2.63 per mailing, this model enhances the pro tability of this direct mail marketing campaign by 20.7%, or 54.44 cents per customer. For example, if a mailing was to be made to 100,000 customers, the estimated increase in pro ts is $54,440. This increase in pro ts is due to the decrease in costs associated with mailing promotions to nonresponsive customers.
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I discuss compatibility issues in 25.
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Displaying a Progress Indicator
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thermal denaturation of proteins in beef muscle. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 18:31 46. Boles, J. A., and P. J. Shand. 2008. Effect of muscle location, ber direction, and slice thickness on the processing characteristics and tenderness of beef stirfry strips from the round and chuck. Meat Science 78: 369 374 Boles, J. A., and J. E. Swan. 2002a. Heating method and nal temperature affect processing characteristics of beef semimembranosus muscle. Meat Science 62:107 112. Boles, J. A., and J. E. Swan. 2002b. Meat and storage effects on processing characteristics of beef roasts. Meat Science 62:121 127. Boles, J. A., F. C. Parrish, Jr., C. L. Skaggs, and L. L. Christian. 1991. Effect of porcine somatotropin, stress susceptibility, and nal end point of cooking on the sensory, physical, and chemical properties of pork loin chops. Journal of Animal Science 69:2865 2870. Bouton, P. E., P. V. Harris, and W. R. Shorthose. 1976. Dimensional changes in meat during cooking. Journal of Texture Studies 7:179 192. Bouton, P. E., P. V. Harris, and W. R. Shorthose. 1982. The effect of temperature and ultimate pH on the increase in meat toughness resulting from restraint during cooking. Meat Science 6:235 241. Buck, E. M., A. M. Hickey and J. Rosenau. 1979. Lowtemperature air oven vs a water bath for the preparation of rare beef. Journal of Food Science 44:1602 1605. Calkins, C. R., and J. M. Hodgen. 2007. A fresh look at meat avor. Meat Science 77:63 80. Corino, C., S. Magni, E. Pagliarini, R. Rossi, G. Pastorelli, and L. M. Chiesa. 2002. Effects of dietary fats on meat quality and sensory characteristic of heavy pig loins. Meat Science 60:1 8. Corino, C., G. Oriani, L. Pantaleo, G. Pastorelli, and G. Salvatori. 1999. In uence of dietary Vitamin E supplementation on heavy pig carcass characteristics, meat quality and Vitamin E status. Journal of Animal Science 77:1755 1761. Davey, C. L., and A. F. Neiderer. 1977. Cooking tenderizing in beef. Meat Science 1:271 276. Drummond, L. S., and D.-W. Sun. 2006. Feasibility of water immersion cooking of beef joints: Effect on product quality and yield. Journal of Food Engineering 77:289 294. Farmer, L. J., and R. L. S. Patterson. 1991. Compounds contributing to meat avour. Food Chemistry 40:201 205. Fjelkner-Modig, S. 1986. Sensory properties of pork, as in uenced by cooking temperature and breed. Journal of Food Quality 9:89 105. Fox, J. B., and R. C. Benedict. 1987. Role of heme pigments and nitrite in oxidative processes. In WarmedOver Flavor of Meat, edited by A. J. St. Angelo and M. E. Bailey. Orlando, Fla.: Academic Press. Fox, J. B., W. E. Townsend, S. A. Ackerman, and C. E. Swift. 1967. Cured color development during frankfurter processing. Food Technology 21:386 392.
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On occasion some companies, particularly seasonal operations, may find that for some months in the year their disbursements exceed receipts to the point that they have negative cash available. Exhibit 11.6 illustrates such a situation. The operation will be short of cash by an estimated $1,000 in each of months 4 and 5. However, having prepared a cash budget ahead of time, the company has anticipated the cash shortage and can plan to cover it using a short-term bank loan or by loans from stockholders or owners.
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research and practice. Several of these issues are highlighted in the following discussion. The Active Use of Conceptual Models Virtually all aspects of psychological research are grounded in theory, even if this grounding is not explicitly recognized. Even the most basic components of the research process are guided in this way, including the small theories about the connections between our research operations and the constructs we hope to understand. This is true even for the most basic and central construct we hope to understand in the eld health. As noted previously, research in the eld is often limited by simplistic assumptions about the validity of measures intended to assess actual disease, as in the case of self-reports of physical symptoms or visits to health care professionals. These illness behaviors clearly share variance with the construct of actual disease, but the unique variance may also be systematically related to factors believed to in uence actual health and disease. Clearly, there is more to health than the simple presence versus absence of disease. Functional activity levels, physical distress, subjective wellbeing, and other constructs are important aspects of broad conceptual de nitions of health (Ryff & Singer, 1998). However, the individual elements of such multidimensional constructs are not all relevant for a given research question, and researchers (and consumers of their work) should not generalize across these correlated yet distinct elements. Similar care should be taken in the development and interpretation of other central constructs in psychosocial models of health and disease. In studies of health behavior and its predictors, of more direct psychosocial in uences on disease, and of the predictors and outcomes of adjustment to acute and chronic illness and care, clear conceptual models should guide the development and psychometric evaluation of measurement scales and procedures. A key aspect of the conceptual context in this process should be the disease or health outcome in question, as well as its standard medical evaluation and management. That is to say, the grounding conceptual models should attend equally to the relevant psychosocial and biomedical elements. The eld has suffered in many instances from inadequate attention to the quality of measurement of key concepts, and the needed improvement in measurement will be facilitated by attending to its grounding in conceptual models. Opportunities for theory testing are often missed when researchers perform routine tasks. For example, in controlling possible behavioral confounds such as smoking or exercise in prospective tests of the effects of social support or depression on subsequent cardiovascular disease, these analyses
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This concludes our coverage of the MythGallery plug-in s capabilities. Ideally, this chapter will serve as a jumping off point for finding your own inventive and clever new uses for a MythGallery image collection. You now know how to teach the MythGallery plug-in a new trick, and in the next chapter you learn how to trick out the MythMusic plug-in.
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138 4. 5.
public void setSpeed( int s ) { speed = Math.abs(s); } public int getSpeed() { return speed; }
13.5.1 Association and Disassociation These commands let DEVs, FFDs, and RFDs associate or disassociate from a PAN.
Departmental Daily Sales Report (Continued) $ Actual Lounge Lounge Lounge Lounge Tips Tips Tips Tips 1 2 3 4 10%) 49.50 295.15 72.48 80.50 497.63 350.00 85.00 241.00 5%) 650.00 32.50 190.00 293.00 627.00 256.00 0.00 85.00 46.95 0.00 0.00 3,759.32 36,851.24 64,258.18 22,681.15 5,390.97 73,037.30 14,671.05 12,784.09 29,712.01 10,254.81 5,615.34 73,037.30 ANALYSIS OF BANK DEPOSIT Total Cash Sales Credit Card Rec d A/R Cash Red d A/R $3,759.32 $22,681.15 $5,390.97 $31,831.44 90,000.00 $ Budget 50.00 350.00 45.00 75.00 520.00 400.00 150.00 350.00 500.00 25.00 250.00 650.00 750.00 Goal (%)
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