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So far, the encoding procedure for a linear cyclic code Ccyc (n, k) has been introduced as a multiplication between the message polynomial m(X ) and the generator polynomial g(X ), and this operation is suf cient to generate any code polynomial of the code. However, this encoding procedure is essentially non-systematic. Given a polynomial that ts the conditions for being the generator polynomial of a linear cyclic code Ccyc (n, k), and if the message polynomial is of the form m(X ) = m 0 + m 1 X + + m k 1 X k 1 (15)
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Propagation-Related Errors
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students were significantly more likely to believe that success is achieved through intrinsic interest in the activity, cooperation, and high effort, and the high-task / low-ego students were the least likely to believe that success stems from learning to skillfully deceive the teacher. Roberts et al. (1996) found that the high-task groups attributed success to effort more than did low-task groups. In contrast, high-ego groups attributed success to ability more than did low-ego groups. Even elite Olympic athletes, those we would expect to exhibit high ego involvement and to succeed with such a profile (Hardy, 1997), seem to function better when high ego involvement is tempered with high task involvement (e.g., Pensgaard & Roberts, 2002, 2003). This was also true of young elite soccer players (Lemyre et al., 2002). Being both task- and ego-oriented is conceptually coherent with achievement goal theory. It may well be that being high in both task and ego involvement is valuable in the learning process because it provides multiple sources of competence information to the athlete. Swain and Hardwood (1996) have suggested that an individual with both goal orientations cannot fail to be satisfied. They argue that when one goal is not attained, the second goal can be achieved. Duda (1988) asserted a similar notion and states that persistence may be increased with both orientations because a person has two sources of determining success. For an athlete, being both task- and ego-involved in an activity is both intuitively plausible and conceptually consistent with achievement goal theory. Thus, an athlete may be very ego-involved in a sport when competing, but become very task-involved when training in the same sport. Further, an athlete may be ego-involved in competition, but then when the outcome is certain, or for some other reason, become task-involved before the game or event is completed. We must not forget that task and ego involvement are dynamic constructs and subject to ebb and flow as the athlete plays the game or continues with the activity (Roberts, 1992, 2001). It is not whether an individual should be either task- or ego-involved, but rather when being task-involved or ego-involved is appropriate. This shift of involvement is an important issue to investigate, as it may reflect on intervention strategies for enhancing motivation. THE FUTURE OF ACHIEVEMENT GOALS We have discussed the nature of achievement goals as being situated within situation and self-cognitive schemas, the traditional achievement goal approach, or being situated within affect-based incentives (at least partially) in the
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18 Universal Mobile Telecommunication System. Note that the Global term means total coverage of the Earth for GNSS and only local and not 100% for GSM, as Universal seems to be comparable to the GNSS meaning of Global. 19 The only difference concerns the way measurements are carried out. Please refer to further readings for details on the methods implemented in the UMTS networks. 20 Positioning here is considered as with GNSS (i.e., in terms of precise location of the terminal), and no longer in terms of telecommunication-like positioning (i.e., approximation of the location of the terminal).
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276 11. Eschenhagen and Zimmermann
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Language English Russian Greek Dutch French Spanish Hungarian Italian Czech Danish Swedish Norwegian Polish German Portuguese (Brazil) Thai Japanese Korean Vietnamese Simplified Chinese Turkish Indian Urdu Portuguese Finnish Traditional Chinese Arabic Hebrew Farsi Country code 1 7 30 31 33 34 36 39 42 45 46 47 48 49 55 66 81 82 84 86 90 91 92 351 358 886 966 972 982
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17 Working with Pivot Tables
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If you are switching computers, upgrading to a new computer, or recovering from a hard-drive crash, you can easily import your old e-mail into the new system (assuming you previously backed up those messages). Here s how:
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What happens if you double-click an executable file inside the MacOS folder Give it a try and see what happens. First, select the TextEdit file inside the MacOS folder and choose File Get Info. The Finder lists this file as a Unix Executable File. Now double-click the file. Mac OS X opens the file in Terminal and then executes a command that looks like this:
You can keep your desktop free of clutter by transferring the new shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar. For more information, please refer to the 5-minute x titled Use the Quick Launch Toolbar in 6.
66 Table 3.2 Layer Gas phase Near-surface gas phase Sorption layer Quasi-static surface layer Near-surface bulk Bulk
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