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the water table ever rises, so that water can only ll those portions of the pore space which were not previously wet. In most cases, therefore, the llable effective porosity is rather less than the total effective porosity. It is intuitively obvious that the converse applies during periods of water table lowering: pores do not drain completely, but a certain amount of water is left behind, adhered to the grains. We might equally talk, therefore, of drainable effective porosity, which corresponds exactly to the llable effective porosity for the same body of rock, and thus will also be somewhat smaller than the total effective porosity. The water which is held in pores after they have been allowed to drain under the in uence of gravity is held in place by forces of electrostatic attraction between the water molecules and the surfaces of mineral grains (cf. Box 1.1). The strength of the electrostatic attraction varies from one type of mineral to another. Some minerals commonly found in aquifers exhibit relatively weak electrostatic attraction to water: this is true, for instance, of quartz and calcite, the principal components of sandstones and limestones respectively. However, other types of mineral exhibit strong electrostatic attraction to water, such as the hydrated oxides of iron and manganese and various clay minerals (some of which absorb water into their very structure, swelling in the process). Sedimentary organic matter also tends to retain considerably more moisture than, say, clean quartz sands. Furthermore, just as pore neck size controls permeability, so narrow pore necks favor the retention of moisture in the unsaturated zone. Pores will not drain under the in uence of gravity alone if they have neck diameters less than about 10 m. (Such small pores can, however, be drained by the in uence of plant roots exerting high suction pressures.) Rather than talk clumsily about llable or drainable effective porosity, the hydrogeological literature deploys rather more elegant terms: the amount of water which drains freely from a unit volume of initially saturated rock per unit decline in water table elevation is termed the speci c yield. This property is expressed in exactly the
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12 Building Interactive Interfaces
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Just about every computer on the market today runs Unix, except the Mac (and nobody cares about it). Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, 6/21/1985 Little did Bill Joy, or anyone else, suspect that not 15 years after this statement, the Mac would run Unix in the guise of Mac OS X. Mac users have always loved to customize and fool around with their systems, but after Mac OS X came out and the full power of Unix was available on every Mac, the power to hack around increased massively. Although it s accurate to say that Mac OS X is a complete implementation of Unix, it s also much, much more than that. Apple includes dozens of powerful technologies and components in Mac OS X, such as Quartz graphics, the Aqua user interface, AppleScript, the Darwin core, and many, many more. Every one of those technologies adds more opportunities for personalizing and hacking. And now we have Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, the latest major version of Apple s operating system. Tiger adds wonderful new jewels to the collection, such as Dashboard, Spotlight, and Automator, that provide rich new areas for improving Macs in ways we re just beginning to understand. The Unix foundation and Apple personality of Mac OS X provides a fertile target for learning and tweaking. With the addition of new features in Tiger, the Mac becomes an even better platform for us to work and play with. Mac OS X has even caused Bill Joy to change his opinion: Mac OS X is a rock-solid system that s beautifully designed. I much prefer it to Linux. Bill Joy, December 2003
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