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Protect Windows from a Botched Software Installation
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Part III Creating ActionScript Elements for Your Movie
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Rules Engine
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Understanding the Dynamics of Motivation in Sport and Physical Activity
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If you see something missing (or something that shouldn t be there), use insmod and rmmod to fix things up. To see which kernel modules are available, look in the /lib/modules/2.4.30/ directory. Each file is a different kernel module. The /proc virtual file system contains huge amounts of interesting data about the running kernel. Use cat /proc/cpuinfo to get details on the processor or cat /proc/pci to see what exists on the internal PCI bus. Similarly for USB, you can see what s connected on the USB bus by doing as in Listing 14-3. If you understand USB, it gives you a lot of good information. It s a bit verbose, however, and if all you really want to know is if something is plugged in, install lsusb and run it.
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The cognitive model of psychopathology has been extended effectively to the understanding and treatment of personality disorders. The value of this model is that it helps the clinician and patient collaborate effectively in developing a case conceptualization, rationale, and plan for effective treatment. Since the cognitive model articulates a model of core beliefs, assumptions, and strategies, it is open to empirical evaluation. Content areas, specified by this model, appear to coincide with the expected diagnostic groups, giving concurrent validity to the model. There is now promising evidence that treatment based on cognitive therapy principles can effectively help some of our most challenging patients.
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As I describe in 10, you can use VBA to create custom worksheet functions that work just like Excel s built-in worksheet functions.
i += 3; } else { i++; // otherwise skip over data we don t care about } } while(true); } catch(Exception cae) { cae.printStackTrace(); } } void doNote(int command, int channel, int notenum, int velocity) { if( channel > tabbedPane.getTabCount() ) return; RoombaCommPanel roombapanel = (RoombaCommPanel) tabbedPane.getComponentAt(channel); roombapanel.playMidiNote(notenum, velocity); }
Part III Developing Document Structure with HTML 4
Paul Sherman, writing in the journal Nature, has described the lek as nature s version of a singles bar. I particularly like this colorful analogy because it does describe the scenario very well. A lek is a traditional display area where groups of males aggregate and defend often-tiny territories on which they display. Females visit these sites to select a mate with whom they will copulate. The male plays no further part in the raising of its young and the female does not gain a resource bene t from the male territory. As a mating system lekking is comparatively rare, but it has evolved in a very wide range of taxa. Although birds and insects account for the majority of known lekking species (about 200 of them), there are mammals, reptiles and sh that lek. A common feature of all leks is that only one or a few males will get to mate with the females. The majority of the displaying animals will
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