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Aerobic conditioning, or abdominal, rhythmical breathing Absence of interpersonal competition Closed or predictable activity Repetitive and rhythmical movement
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4 Charting the Timeline of Your Movie
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Circuit Name Signal common Signal common Transmitted data Received data Request to send Clear to send Received line signal detector Ready for receiving Ring indicator DTE ready DTE ready Transmit signal element timing (DTE source) Transmit signal element timing (DCE source) Receiver signal element timing (DCE source) Local loopback Remote loopback Test mode
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Credit card numbers are ISO 7812 numbers. As ISO 7812 numbers, they contain:  A single-digit major industry identi er (MII; the MII is considered to be part of the issuer identi er number)
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When you create a document and decide to add interactivity with ActionScript, you assign actions to keyframes, buttons, movie clips, and user-defined components. The tool through which you add interactivity is the Actions panel shown in Figure 2-1. Please note the panel has been expanded in order to give you a detailed view of the Actions books.
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