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FIGURE 15.2 Examples of time slot assignment using the basic scheme: (a) node IDs distributed orderly; (b) node IDs distributed randomly.
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Data on the current production of wholetissue restructured meat products is dif cult to obtain or estimate. This is because most of the products are not identi ed as restructured during merchandizing. The dif culty of obtaining data on restructured meats was raised earlier by Secrist (1987) and more than a decade later by Pearson and Gillett (1999). Some of the terminology used to describe restructured meats includes boneless beef llet (heat-and-serve restructured microwaveable steak), sandwich steaks, joysteak, ribsteak, grillsteak, sandwich meat, reformed steaks, reformed roast/joints, lamb medallion, and meat cutlets (Pork McRibs). Restructured meats are also included as ingredients in ready meals and are categorized as processed meats, too. For example, the Roast Lamb and Roast Beef Dinners marketed by Unilever s Birds Eye (2008) a major UK ready meals manufacturer contained 15% restructured beef or lamb. Therefore, considering that the global readymeals market reached a value of USD 46.9 billion, one can gauge the importance of restructured meats by the volume and value of ready meals and processed meats in the market today (Datamonitor 2007). The total West European processed meat market alone, which includes delicatessen, frozen convenience meat, canned meat, cured meat, and bacon and ham, was worth Euros 116.5 billion (FFT 2007).
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Introspective measures in the form of questionnaires are required to be reliable and valid. Reliability refers to how error-free the measure is (i.e., how trustful the measure is; how much of the variance among persons it produces is a true variance and how much is an error variance). Validity is a concept that provides some confidence that the tool we are using does indeed measure what we expect it to measure. A yardstick obviously measures people s height, but how sure can we be that an anxiety questionnaire measures anxiety To avoid being misled in this regard, several theoretically sound and practically functional procedures have been developed. The main validity procedures are construct-referenced (such as discriminant and convergent), content-referenced (i.e., face and factorial), and criterionreferenced (predictive and concurrent). Usually these procedures are viewed holistically and are considered necessary to assure users that their measure is valid (see Figure 34.6). We do not intend to elaborate on reliability and validity indices in this section, as these are widely introduced in many other sources in the psychological measurement domain (e.g., AERA, APA, & NCME, 1999). Instead, we introduce evidence that our measures do not meet the requirement of sufficient measures, and thus, we must be cautious about their generalizability. Surprisingly, one-item measures could provide more predictive and concurrent information about the state of a performer than a long and reliable so-called valid questionnaire. Introspective measures consist of many items, so they awkwardly represent the variable these items operationalize. In most cases, such questionnaires are designed to measure a disposition, dominance, and a given orientation.
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Sender Reports The next sections are receiver blocks. In the Sender report, they allow the sender to report its transmitted data but also any RTP data that is has received. Each block represents one remote source. The block indicates the fraction of packets from that source that were lost since the last report and the total number of packets lost since inception. The Extended Highest Sequence Number Received is the highest sequence number from that source. The Interarrival Jitter field allows for the receiver to estimate the variance of the source s interarrival times. A high value indicates that this receiver is receiving a stream of packets irregularly. The last two fields indicate when the last report from this source arrived.
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On the Stage, select the button or input text field for which you want to control labeling. Do one of the following: click the Accessibility button.
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6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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CASE STUDY: Dr. M Is Greedy and Unwilling to Give Back to Society
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The following script ctionalizes a hotel general manager s weekly staff meeting. Several students should act the roles of staff members, while other students observe and analyze the communications. Margaret Chu (general manager): Good morning, everyone! It s great to gather once again to discuss
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KeepDynamic.com/Data Matrix 2d barcode Concept of Frame. As is illustrated in Figure 6.2, PCM multiplexing is carried out with the sampling process, sampling the analog sources sequentially. These sources may be the nominal 4-kHz voice channels or other information sources that
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