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Did you assume that a workbook was visible It s possible, of course, to use Excel
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168 GNSS Navigation Signals: Description and Details
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newcomers to Linux find the compilation process both tedious and challenging. Today, only three main packages make up the core MythTV system (there used to be 11 such packages), while a comprehensive top-level script coordinates configuration and compilation settings among the many MythTV plug-ins. One of these three primary packages contains current, quasi-official MythTV plug-ins and is aptly named mythplugins. At present, the plug-ins in this package provide the most popular and frequently used functions, but more are under development all the time, and new ones are likely to be added to the official list from time to time as circumstances and public demand may decree. Remember that MythTV is brought to you by the open-source community, and that means development happens less rapidly than you might expect in a commercial product. By the same token, you can take part in the development process (given the right qualifications) and can incorporate additional functionality however you see fit. To quote from the MythTV User Wish List page (www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/User_Wish_List), MythTV is a project by developers, for developers. But even if you re not a developer, there s still a lot to gain from working with MythTV plug-ins, and from contributing your ideas and input to the total MythTV user (and developer community).
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Another window opens. In the middle of it, look for the words Startup Type. Next to them, click the drop-down menu and select Disabled (see Figure 2-31).
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Figure 9-1: The Macro dialog box lists all available procedures.
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Returning FALSE after processing WM_INITDIALOG tells Windows CE not to set the default focus. lParam can contain an application-specific parameter used to initialize the dialog box. We will discuss this in greater
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True experimental designs, 82 83 Tuke, William, 40 Type A personality, 167, 332 Unconditional positive regard, 128, 129 Utility, clinical, 182 Vail Conference/Model, 52, 69 70 Validity/reliability, 80 82, 180 182, 197 Variables, identifying independent/dependent, 79 Vascular dementia, 348 Verbal skills, 481 Vesalius, Andreas, 39 Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals, 53 56 Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, 226 Violence: media, 290 risk factors for conflict and, 13 14 school-based (prevention), 292 293 terrorism, 13 14 against women, 355 Virchow, Rudolf, 39 Virtual reality, 437 438 Vives, Juan Luis, 38 Vocabulary (WAIS subtest description), 219 Wachtel, Paul L., 141 142 WAIS. See Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) Wait-list for treatment, 84 Web resources: assessment, 211, 260 261 biopsychosocial approaches, 174 clinical psychology, 31, 74 consulting, teaching, administration, 387 ethical standards, 425 426 history of clinical psychology, 50, 74
A window opens. Double-click the icon for your C: drive (unless you have Windows XP installed on a different drive, in which case, doubleclick the letter for that drive). Click the File drop-down menu located in the upper-left corner. Select New. Select Folder. A new folder appears on your C: drive. Rename this folder Favicons. Open Internet Explorer.
Evolving Intelligent Systems: Methodology and Applications, Edited by Plamen Angelov, Dimitar P. Filev, and Nikola Kasabov Copyright 2010 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
expendable item despite having the highest item-total correlation of the ve items under consideration. Despite this one desirable property, it appears to provide information in the same range of the construct as Item 5, but with less discriminant validity and contributing less unique information (squared multiple correlation) to the measure. In contrast, Item 1 has a low item-total correlation but provides a useful indicator of the higher range of the construct (with correspondingly attenuated correlations) and does so with good discriminant validity. Thus, the goal for selecting items is to include items that strike a balance between different desirable item parameters, while avoiding an overreliance on a single parameter as the criterion for item selection. The following psychometric parameters are often useful considerations in selecting test items. Item Distributions Across Different Samples In selecting items, the rst step generally is to examine distributions, involving endorsement frequency or item dif culty (for binary items) or item means, standard deviations, and skew (for graded items). These distributions should be examined to determine their properties in samples that might be expected to vary with respect to the construct of interest; thus, for a depression measure, it would be important to examine the distributions of items in community and clinical samples. Also, it can be useful to compare distributions in samples that would not be expected to differ. For example, if there is no reason to suspect true gender differences in the construct, different item distributions in men and women might suggest problems in the item. In general, it is important that there be some variability in the item when examining a sample suspected to be heterogeneous with respect to the construct. Items with markedly unbalanced or skewed distributions will appear problematic in correlational studies of item validity, because the extreme base rates can make such correlations unstable and severely attenuated due to restriction of range. Nonetheless, it is critical to interpret such distributions in light of the sample involved, the nature of the construct, and the place of the item in that construct. For example, items with an endorsement frequency of 1% might appear to be of little use in measuring differences between people. However, it is important to recognize that this requirement must be considered in the contexts of the sample and of the construct. Such an endorsement frequency might well be expected for an item indicating high-intensity symptoms of schizophrenia if the sample was selected at random from the community, because this is roughly the prevalence rate for this disorder.
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