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Never, never, never say under construction. The entire Web is under construction. If it is complete enough to publish, publish it; otherwise, don t. In the process of writing this book, dozens of professional Web developers were contacted for permission to use their materials in the figures throughout these pages. Probably half of them said something about how the screen captures shouldn t be taken until they had fixed just one more thing they didn t like. You will never be entirely satisfied with your page. You will always want to do more. If it is so embarrassing you have to tell people it is under construction, then you probably shouldn t publish it yet. Along the same lines, don t be afraid to retire pages. Don t leave old junk up there if it is no longer attractive or accurate. Run link-checking software right away to make sure all your links still work. Because others will retire their own pages occasionally, you ll want to run link-checking software regularly to be sure your external links aren t broken either.
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r Step 0: Initialization. Assume that the data are encoded in bit strings (1 s and 0 s). Specify a crossover probability or crossover rate pc and a mutation probability or mutation rate pm . Usually, pc is chosen to be fairly high (e.g., 0.7), and pm is chosen to be very low (e.g., 0.001). r Step 1: The population is chosen, consisting of a set of n chromosomes each of length l. r Step 2: The tness f (x) is calculated for each chromosome in the population. r Step 3: Iterate through the following steps until n offspring have been generated.
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When it comes to implementing a new technology, the same process is always followed. First, look for the necessary experience and skills in-house. If it does not exist, bring the necessary experience in from the outside. In the case of the Business Objects implementation, IT employed Business Object s Professional Services group to help with the implementation. An important requirement of any Professional Services contract is knowledge transfer to and training for existing IT staff. The burden of support falls on the existing IT staff once the Professional Services consultants leave. The same process was followed with the Application Foundation implementation. Business Objects Professional Services helped with software installation, configuration, and initial prototyping. The internal IT team, working closely with Business Objects Professional Services, acquired the software skills necessary to support and enhance the dashboards in the future. An important consideration with any new tool is people s natural resistance to change. Everyone in corporate America today is extremely busy. Launching a new tool can meet with mild to strong resistance because nobody has the time to learn something new. The strategy for managing this natural resistance to change was to start at the top and work down. Senior vice presidents and vice presidents were the first to get the new dashboard. Directors and senior managers are more likely to learn a new tool if they see their boss using the tool. Meetings with group directors and their teams helped establish dashboard requirements for individual product groups, to assess how they monitor their KPIs. Based on an iterative approach, we developed dashboards for each product group, such as Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge.
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The projects in this book are based around the Roomba and the Roomba Open Interface (ROI). The Roomba s capabilities as presented via the ROI are described and tested. The few capabilities that aren t accessible via the ROI are mentioned briefly. The Roomba s mechanical and electrical internals are also discussed, but since this book is about hacking the Roomba without taking it apart, they re mentioned only briefly.
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Context Watcher
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Medium Risk
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Cell Transfer Delay. In addition to the normal delay through network elements and transmission paths, extra delay is added to an ATM network at an ATM switch. The cause of the delay at this point is the statistical asynchronous multiplexing. Because of this, two cells can be directed toward the same output of an ATM switch or cross-connect, resulting in output contention. The result is that one cell or more is held in a buffer until the next available opportunity to continue transmission. We can see that the second cell will suffer additional delay. The delay of a cell will depend upon the amount of traf c within a switch and thus the probability of contention. The asynchronous path of each ATM cell also contributes to cell delay. Cells can be delayed one or many cell periods, depending on traf c intensity, switch sizing, and the transmission path taken through the network.
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Aggression, Violence, Evil, and Peace
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Fuel Oil
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8.5.1 Recovery to Current
Fermented Sausage Classi cation
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